POLITICAL INSIDER: Conservative family group goes after 5 Democrats in ads

POLITICAL INSIDER: Conservative group airs ads

Rand Paul: Medicaid health coverage for the poor has turned into welfare, is rife with abuse

Rand Paul: Medicaid has turned into welfare

Rand Paul rally in Ky. boosted by 2 tea party stalwarts: his father and S.C.’s Demint

Rand Paul rally helped by 2 tea party stalwarts

Father featured in Conway ad says he’s insulted by Rand Paul’s reference to ad as ‘creepy’

Father in ad says he’s insulted by Paul response

In heartland backyards, Obama takes voters’ questions, hits GOP, implores Dems to keep faith

In Obama’s backyard visits, GOP is the absent foe

US Senate candidates Rand Paul, Jack Conway to face off in debate on Fox News in October

Paul, Conway agree to Fox News debate in October

APNewsBreak: GOP Senate candidate Rand Paul wins over sheriffs after initial suspicions

Paul wins over once shaky Ky. sheriff endorsement

APNewsBreak: Rand Paul’s sheriff endorsements shaky in Kentucky’s US Senate campaign

APNewsBreak: Paul’s sheriff endorsements shaky

Palin says tea party-backed politicians winning as underdogs ’shaking up the good old boys’

Sarah Palin

Negative ads hit the air in key Senate battlegrounds, outside groups lead the charge

Senate battlegrounds see new round of negative ads

Republicans seek to bridge party divide by uniting with tea party candidates ahead of November

President Barack Obama
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Tea party favorite O’Donnell wins GOP Senate primary in Delaware; Ayotte takes NH nod

U.S. President Barack Obama joins Martha Coakley

POLITICAL INSIDER: Bono-backed anti-poverty group working to push candidates on issues

Sarah Palin

Senate hopeful Rand Paul says Republicans have taken ‘easy way out’ by failing to cut spending

Paul says GOP shares blame for deficits

BOWLING GREEN, Ky. — Kentucky Senate hopeful Rand Paul has chided fellow Republican politicians for contributing to the nation’s budget deficit in a speech to tea party activists in his hometown.

Conway Web-based fundraiser raises more than $300K as Paul makes new plea for campaign cash

Conway Web fundraiser tops $300k, Paul seeks cash

Ky. Senate candidate Paul dons scrubs for 1st fall TV ad, bashes federal health care reforms

Paul’s first TV ad highlights work as physician

Army studies its highest-risk group _ bomb technicians _ for effects of repeated concussions

Army studies concussions’ effects on bomb techs

Republicans count on gains in Senate by riding either tea party or establishment candidates

President Barack Obama, daughter Sasha Obama and wife

Plenty of questions surrounding Kentucky, Louisville as Governor’s Cup approaches

Wildcats, Cards playing guessing game

LOUISVILLE, Ky. — Charlie Strong isn’t the kind of guy who leaves things to chance.

Group sinks $520,000 into TV ad attacking Ky. Dem Senate candidate for supporting ‘ObamaCare’

U.S. President Barack Obama
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Rand Paul’s campaign mum on whether it will return donation from founder of adult website

Adult website operator among Rand Paul donors

After rocky week, Rand Paul taps father’s connections, hires Gary Howard as press secretary

Paul taps father’s connections for press secretary

Rand Paul’s stand against federal funding for drug enforcement could help Dem opponent in Ky.

Drug enforcement stand could cost Paul Ky. votes

Republican Rand Paul apologizes after saying he worried beer would be thrown at church picnic

Paul apologizes for disparaging church picnic

Ky. church: Sen. candidate Paul should retract remarks that beer would be thrown at its picnic

KY church angry at Sen. candidate’s picnic remarks

Kentucky Democrat calls for Rangel resignation

Kentucky Democrat calls for Rangel resignation

International Coal Group calls on mining companies to pool money to defeat Dems in Ky., W.Va.

Coal companies eye targeting congressional Dems

Ky. Senate candidate says Jeb Bush is tarnishing family legacy by appearing at Rand Paul event

Jeb Bush chided for attending Rand Paul event

Former Florida governor Jeb Bush helps GOP Senate candidate Rand Paul raise money in Kentucky

Jeb Bush set for Rand Paul Ky. Senate fundraiser

Rand Paul: Congress shouldn’t micromanage Afghan war, leave troop numbers up to White House

Barack Obama (Waxwork)
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Former Fla. Gov. Jeb Bush to attend fundraiser for self-described political outsider Rand Paul

Jeb Bush to appear at Rand Paul fundraiser in Ky.

Ky. Democratic Senate candidate Jack Conway takes in $1.4M in 2nd quarter; includes loans

Ky. Democrat in Senate race loans campaign $400K

Ky. Senate candidate Rand Paul praises tea party, says movement criticizes GOP, Dems equally

Rand Paul says he owes success to tea party

Ky. senatorial candidate Rand Paul stirs some anger with remarks about poverty, drug fight

Paul draws backlash to comments about poverty

AP Interview: Defeated GOP US Sen. Bennett of Utah says Harry Reid likely will keep seat

AP Interview: GOP Sen. Bennett predicts Reid win

Ky. GOP Senate candidate Rand Paul once opposed fence on U.S.-Mexico border, now OK with it

Ky. GOP Senate candidate now OK with border fence

Steve Forbes to host NY fundraiser for Ky. Republican senatorial candidate Rand Paul

Forbes to host fundraiser for Rand Paul

LOUISVILLE, Ky. — Kentucky Republican Senate candidate Rand Paul is taking his tea party-backed campaign to New York City for a fundraiser hosted by former GOP presidential candidate and multimillionaire Steve Forbes.

Small-town mayor apologizes after Ky. newspaper editor tells police he was punched in face

Mayor accused of punching Ky. editor apologizes

Rand Paul’s campaign reports receiving $1.1M in campaign contributions since April 1

Rand Paul’s US Senate campaign raises over $1M

Rand Paul’s contributions significantly down in 1st Internet fundraiser of general election

Rand Paul banks $172K in Web fundraising

FRANKFORT, Ky. — Rand Paul, a political outsider who largely financed his U.S. Senate primary race with Internet donations, has banked $172,000 in his first Web-based fundraiser of the general election season.

If Rand Paul had been governor ensnared in state jobs scandal: ‘I’d have pardoned myself’

Rand Paul on Ky. gov’s troubles: Pardon yourself

Ky. Senate hopeful Rand Paul invites bailout senators to fundraiser after pledge to shun them

Rand Paul flips, seeks money from bailout senators

Ky. GOP Senate candidate Rand Paul misses financial report filing deadline, requests more time

Ky. Sen. candidate Paul misses disclosure deadline

Paul calls certification questions attack on his livelihood; created rival board a decade ago

Paul lashes out over medical certification issue

Republican Rand Paul attends gun show, courts Second Amendment advocates in Ky. Senate race

Paul reaches out to gun advocates in Senate race

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