Murkowski, Miller, McAdams face each other for first time in general election

In Alaska, a first faceoff for 3 Senate candidates

Miller’s silence on Palin’s presidential chops draws angry e-mail from husband; all deny rift

After angry e-mail, Todd Palin, Miller deny rift

Alaska Senate hopeful Miller opposes federal minimum wage, says it should be left to states

Alaska Senate candidate opposes fed minimum wage

Tea Party Express that helped defeat Murkowski in primary returns to Alaska for November race

Tea Party Express returns to Alaska with ads, show

Alaska Senate hopeful Miller’s confident-sounding tweets deleted, were criticized as ‘hubris’

Alaska: Senate hopeful deletes confident tweets

Senate hopeful Miller’s confident-sounding tweets deleted, were criticized as ‘hubris’

Alaska’s Miller deletes confident tweets

JUNEAU, Alaska — Tweets in which Alaska Senate hopeful Joe Miller sounded confident in his chances of winning have been removed from his Twitter feed.

State Democrats dismiss results of poll that shows Murkowski in tight race with Miller

Poll shows Murkowski close, Dems dismiss results

AP Interview: Miller acknowledges past government benefits, says irrelevant to Senate race

AP Interview: Miller: Past benefits irrelevant

Alaska’s Miller acknowledges past government benefits, says irrelevant to Senate race debate

Miller: Past benefits irrelevant to Senate debate

Conservative group runs ad attacking ‘Princess Lisa,’ slamming Murkowski candidacy in Alaska

In Alaska Senate race, ad aims at ‘Princess Lisa’

Little-known Alaska Democratic Senate hopeful says Murkowski write-in campaign is lost cause

Alaska Dem rival: Murkowski campaign a lost cause

Website to rally Sarah Palin supporters behind candidates she is endorsing goes online

Site to rally Palin supporters goes up

JUNEAU, Alaska — A website has gone up that is dedicated to rallying voters behind candidates Sarah Palin has endorsed.

DeMint scolds GOP for not stripping Murkowski’s committee leadership, seeks money for opponent

DeMint scolds Republican colleagues on Murkowski

Tea Party Express plans return to Alaska; vows to do whatever it takes to beat Sen. Murkowski

Tea party returning to Alaska to help Joe Miller

AP Interview: Murkowski thinks focus in DC less on candidate quality, more on boosting numbers

Murkowski says GOP leaders turned backs on her

Sen. Murkowski says she’s mounting write-in candidacy to hold seat after GOP primary upset

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AP Source: Alaska GOP Sen. Murkowski expected to announce she’ll launch write-in campaign

Sarah Palin

Alaskans to know Friday whether US Sen Lisa Murkowski will mount write-in bid for office

Sarah Palin

AK’s Sen. Murkowski calls Tea Party Express ‘extremist,’ will decide on write-in bid by Friday

AK senator to decide on write-in bid by Friday

Murkowski calls Tea Party Express ‘extremist,’ plans to decide on write-in bid by Friday

Murkowski to make a decision by Friday

JUNEAU, Alaska — Alaska U.S. Sen. Lisa Murkowski, who conceded the GOP primary to Joe Miller earlier this month, says she’ll decide by Friday whether to mount a write-in candidacy.

APNewsBreak: AK Libertarian US Senate candidate not stepping aside, cutting Murkowski options

APNewsBreak: AK Libertarian not stepping aside

Potential write-in candidacy poses challenges, opportunity; Sen Murkowski weighs options

Write-in option poses challenge for AK senator

AP Exclusive: Murkowski says she’s not a quitter, been inundated with calls to stay in race

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APNewsBreak: Murkowski meeting Libertarian candidate amid urging to stay in US Senate race

APNewsBreak: AK senator meets Libertarian nominee

Mike Huckabee endorses ‘constitutional conservative’ Joe Miller in bid to upset Alaska senator

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