Israel Supreme Court justice rebukes Irish Nobel laureate for calling Israel ‘apartheid’ state

Israeli Supreme Court rebukes Irish Nobel laureate

Barred from entering Israel, detained Nobel laureate turns to country’s Supreme Court for help

Irish Nobel laureate challenges Israeli detention

Irish government rejects calls to fill 3 empty parliamentary seats, survives close votes

Irish government rejects byelections, survives

Ireland hunts thousands of escaped minks; animal rights activists deny opening fur-farm cages

Ireland hunting down thousands of escaped minks

Man drives cement mixer into gates of Irish parliament to protest country’s banking bailout

Cement mixer rams Irish parliament in bank protest

Ireland’s embattled prime minister denies being drunk, hung over; opposition demands election

Irish premier denies being drunk, hung over on air

Blair cancels London book signing after protesters in Dublin hurled shoes, eggs

Tony Blair cancels London appearance over protests

Blair says he may cancel London book signing after protesters in Dublin hurled shoes, eggs

Blair may cancel London appearance over protests

Anti-war protesters, and a hurled shoe, greet Tony Blair at Dublin signing of his memoir

Shoe, eggs hurled at ex-Brit PM Blair in Dublin

Children of 9/11 victims, other teens touched by terror worldwide camp together in Belfast

Kids of 9/11 dead camp with teen victims of terror

Police in NIreland see Belfast riots petering out after 4th night of trouble; 2 arrested

Northern Ireland police say Belfast riots waning

Belfast police dodge gunfire in 3rd night of Irish nationalist riots; no injuries reported

Police dodge gunfire in 3rd night of Belfast riots

Belfast faces big cleanup after 2 nights of riots; 55 police officers hurt in clashes

Belfast faces big cleanup after 2 nights of riots

3 Northern Ireland police officers wounded by shotgun blast in Belfast riots

3 Northern Ireland officers hit by shotgun blast

Iran’s foreign minister heckled in Dublin; Iranian security guards rough up 2 protesters

Iran’s foreign minister heckled in Dublin; 3 held

Israeli forces board Gaza-bound aid vessel, encounter no resistance

Israeli forces board Gaza-bound aid vessel

Gaza-bound aid vessel tailed by Israeli warships as it nears Gaza’s shores

Gaza-bound aid vessel tailed by Israeli warships

Israel vows to stop Irish aid ship as it nears Gaza, setting stage for new showdown at sea

Israel vows to stop aid ship as it approaches Gaza

Turkish activists who were on Gaza-bound boats return to hero’s welcome in Istanbul

Turkish activists land in Istanbul following raid

Turkish activists return to hero’s welcome in Istanbul

Turkish activist planes land Istanbul

ISTANBUL — Hundreds of activists deported from Israel following a bloody raid by Israeli commandos on a pro-Palestinian flotilla returned to a hero’s welcome in Turkey early Thursday. Nine bodies were on the first plane.

Israeli PM defends Gaza blockade, says it prevents missile attacks, Iranian foothold

Israeli PM: Gaza blockade prevents rocket attacks

Israel: 5 planes carrying activists, 9 bodies from flotilla clash take off for Turkey, Greece

Israel: 5 planes take off with flotilla activists

Israeli PM defends Gaza blockade, says it prevents missile attacks amid calls to lift it

Israeli prime minister defends Gaza blockade

Northern Ireland police warn of dissident IRA threat to disrupt British election with violence

Belfast cops warn of dissident IRA election attack

Bank of Ireland unveils $4.56 billion fund-raising plan that caps government stake at 36.5 pct

Bank of Ireland unveils $4.56B fund-raising plan

In death, ex-IRA commander names Sinn Fein leader Gerry Adams as key IRA figure in killings

New book IDs Sinn Fein’s Adams as IRA godfather

Remarks by the President at the Friends of Ireland Luncheon

1:10 P.M. EDT

THE PRESIDENT:  Thank you.  Please, everybody be seated.  To Speaker Pelosi; distinguished members of the House and Senate; Republican Leader Boehner; Majority Leader Steny Hoyer; my outstanding Vice President and his newest chief of staff  — (laughter) — to Prime Minister Cowen and the entire Irish delegation, as well as the extraordinary leaders from Ireland and Northern Ireland — it is my privilege to welcome all of  you for this wonderful St. Patrick’s Day tradition. 

Remarks by President Obama and the Taoiseach of Ireland Brian Cowen

11:26 A.M. EDT

PRESIDENT OBAMA:  Good morning, everybody.  First of all, I just want to congratulate this sound person right here for having the green earmuffs.  (Laughter.)  Now, I haven’t seen that before.  Happy St. Patrick’s Day, everybody. 

Kilts, green body paint decorate NYC as marchers worldwide parade for St. Patrick

The Dalai Lama
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Obama celebrating St. Patrick’s Day with Irish, Northern Irish leaders

Obama, Irish leaders celebrate St. Patrick’s

Final steps of Northern Ireland’s slow journey to disarmament detailed in new report

Report details last acts of NIreland disarmament

Ireland’s defense minister resigns after falsely accusing political rival of running brothel

Irish defense minister quits over brothel comments

Irish defense minister who falsely accused rival of running a brothel wins vote to keep job

Irish defense minister wins ‘no confidence’ vote

IRA splinter Irish National Liberation Army disarms, offers no regret for its decades of death

IRA splinter group disarms; no apology for carnage

IRA splinter group Irish National Liberation Army says it has disarmed days before deadline

Irish National Liberation Army says it’s disarmed

Encyclopaedia Britannica says it’s fixed its mangled history of Irish Civil War

US encyclopedia sorry for old Irish Civil War goof

Red-faced Encyclopaedia Britannica apologizes for mangling history of Irish Civil War

British encyclopedia sorry for Irish history goofs

British, Irish premiers cancel parliament events for final push on new Northern Ireland accord

Northern Ireland talks face criticial day

HILLSBOROUGH, Northern Ireland — The prime ministers of Britain and Ireland canceled their parliament appearances Wednesday to keep pushing politicians in Northern Ireland into a new compromise to save the region’s Catholic-Protestant government.

Northern Ireland power-sharing faces make-or-break talks; British, Irish gov’ts could step in

Belfast government faces breakdown or breakthrough

Northern Ireland’s leader temporarily steps down amid scandal of wife’s affair with teen

NIreland head steps down after wife’s teen affair

Northern Ireland’s outlawed Ulster Defense Association says it has fully disarmed

Ulster Defense Association says it has disarmed

Pope accepts resignation of Limerick bishop criticized in child sex abuse scandal in Ireland

Irish bishop resigns over Dublin sex-abuse scandal

Irish Supreme Court: Gay man who donated sperm to lesbian couple should have access to son

Irish judges: Gay sperm donor should see his son

3 pregnant Irish women challenge Ireland’s abortion ban at European Court of Human Rights

3 women challenge Irish abortion ban in Euro court

Ireland’s lawmakers open debate on bill to legalize civil partnerships for gay couples

Irish lawmakers open debate on gay rights bill

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