FIFA officials visit Brazil to discuss 2014 World Cup preparations

FIFA officials in Brazil to discuss 2014 World Cup

FIFA inspectors assessing US World Cup bid to have breakfast at White House on Wednesday

US President Barack Obama

Blatter announces FIFA inquiry into North Korea player mistreatment allegations

FIFA probes alleged North Korea player punishment

Rising ticket prices, inactive stadiums likely to be South Africa’s initial World Cup legacy

SAfrica’s World Cup legacy: Higher ticket prices

South Africa’s Olympic committee says it will bid for 2020 Games

SAfrica’s Olympic committee says will bid for 2020

Australia 2022 World Cup bid expects to be cleared by FIFA probe into campaign gifts

Australia 2022 bid ethics to be cleared by FIFA

Unified rainbow nation? Not yet, but World Cup displays SAfrica’s improving race relations

Racial harmony? Not yet, but SAfrica makes strides

Octopus oracle Paul predicts Spain will win World Cup

Octopus oracle picks Spain to win World Cup

World Cup Today, Day 20

World Cup Today

JOHANNESBURG — A look at Day 20 Tuesday at the 2010 World Cup (all times EDT):

France coach, federation president grilled about WCup fiasco

French parliament hosts hearing about WCup fiasco

SAfrica police chief not ruling out late changes to accommodate Mandela at closing ceremony

Police chief not ruling out Mandela appearance

SUMMIT NOTEBOOK: Sarkozy left in the dark; soccer alleviates ‘exhausting’ summit

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SUMMIT NOTEBOOK: Chopper broken, Obama invites British PM Cameron into his for a lift

President Barack Obama speaks briefly on Afghanistan
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With history, cultural ties, Haiti wraps itself in Brazilian green and yellow for World Cup

Haitians rival Brazilians in love for the Selecao

In image-conscious France, national team debacle provokes frantic soul-searching

French national soul-searching over WCup fiasco

From squares in Buenos Aires to streets of Seoul, fans revel in World Cup

Work suffers, parties thrive during World Cup

From Copacabana beach to Korean Buddhist temples to Serbian cafes, fans revel in World Cup

Work is skipped, parties abound during World Cup

Euro champ Spain loses to Switzerland 1-0 at World Cup, Chile, Uruguay win

Spain loses to Switzerland, Chile beats Honduras

Strike impact: S.African police will keep expanded security duties throughout World Cup

Police to keep new stadium duties thru World Cup

Soweto Uprising anniversary and World Cup match: a day of mixed emotions in South Africa

Memorials, World Cup: mixed emotions in S.Africa

FIFA, World Cup organizers tightlipped on growing security issues at 5 stadiums

FIFA, WCup organizers clam up on stadium security

World Cup protests continue in Durban, city’s poor join rally

WCup labor protests continue, FIFA goes quiet

World Cup protests continue in Durban as labor dispute affects half of stadiums

WCup labor protests continue in Durban

DURBAN, South Africa — Several hundred security workers at the World Cup have gathered in Durban to protest labor conditions in a dispute that has spread to half the tournament’s stadiums.

World Cup security strike spreads to half of venues, Johannesburg latest to be hit

World Cup strike spreads to half of venues

Security stewards strike in Johannesburg, Durban as World Cup labor dispute continues

Security stewards protest in Durban, Johannesburg

Riot police disperse hundreds of protesters outside World Cup stadium after match

Riot police break up World Cup wages demonstration

Deafening noise, dazzling color: World Cup opens with ceremony

World Cup opening ceremony with happy noise

A battleground during apartheid, Soweto now celebrates as World Cup opens next door

Once-embattled Soweto marvels at nearby World Cup

South African police say an Argentine soccer hooligan is being held at airport

South African police: Argentine hooligan held

AIDS groups protest against FIFA, saying they are not allowed to set up ‘wellness centers’

AIDS groups protest against FIFA

JOHANNESBURG — AIDS awareness groups said Saturday they are protesting against FIFA for not allowing them to distribute health-related information and condoms at World Cup stadiums and fan events in South Africa.

AIDS groups protest ban on HIV information centers at FIFA controlled soccer venues

AIDS groups protest FIFA ban policy

JOHANNESBURG, South Africa — AIDS awareness groups said Saturday they are protesting a ban by the world soccer body FIFA on distributing health related information and condoms at World Cup stadiums and fan events in South Africa.

South Africa’s ruling party says Nelson Mandela will attend World Cup opener and final

South Africa ruling party: Mandela to attend WCup

Obama to US World Cup team: You’ll have a fan in the Oval Office

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