Honduran police fire tear gas at supporters of ousted president; 1 killed

Honduran police tear gas Zeyala supporters; 1 dead

Gunmen burst into small shoe factory in Honduras, killing 18 employees and wounding 5

Gunmen burst into factory in Honduras, kill 18

Mexico, Chile to return ambassadors to Honduras, recognize new government a year after coup

Mexico, Chile recognize Honduran government

Chile to return ambassador to Honduras, recognize new government a year after coup

Chile formally recognizes Honduran government

Guatemalan government accuses critics of conspiring against it

Guatemalan gov’t warns of conspiracy against it

US calls accusations it was behind Honduras coup ‘absurd’

US slams accusations it was behind Honduras coup

Former Honduran president says US was behind coup that ousted him in 2009

Honduran ex-president: US was behind my overthrow

Euro champ Spain loses to Switzerland 1-0 at World Cup, Chile, Uruguay win

Spain loses to Switzerland, Chile beats Honduras

Immigration, security issues, Honduras coup are top topics for Clinton in Latin America

U.S. President Barack Obama

El Salvador’s leftist president to hold meeting on reincorporating Honduras into regional body

Salvadoran president to hold meeting on Honduras

Honduras drops case against Brazil at World Court over ousted president

Honduras drops World Court case against Brazil

Hugo Chavez confirms he won’t go to Madrid summit, because Honduran leader will attend

Hugo Chavez says he won’t go to Madrid summit

Honduras launches truth commission with US support but repudiation from coup opponents

Honduras starts coup investigation with US support

US ambassador: Ex-Honduran president Zelaya took erratic, imprudent actions prior to ouster

US ambassador: Honduras’ Zelaya acted erratically

Obama commends Honduran President Lobo for leadership following coup last June

President Barack Obama, daughter Sasha Obama and wife

Clinton presses Latin America to recognize Honduras, vow more anti-drug aid

Clinton pushes Honduras recognition

SAN JOSE, Costa Rica — U.S. Secretary of State Hillary Rodham Clinton is urging the countries of Latin America to recognize the new, post-coup government of Honduras and is pledging additional counternarcotics aid to the region.

Clinton: US to restore aid to Honduras, urges recognition of new government

Clinton urges recognition of Honduras government

Uruguay, Argentina on Secretary of State Clinton’s agenda Monday

Clinton to meet with Uruguay’s incoming president

Ousted Honduran president criticizes new corruption charges as political persecution

Ousted Honduran leader calls charges persecution

Honduran prosecutor adds 3 more charges to list of accusations against ousted president Zelaya

Honduras adds charges against ousted leader

Latin America creates bloc excluding Canada, US; name-calling spat spoils unity mood

Latin America creates bloc sans US; spat mars mood

New Honduran president keeps military chief behind coup that ousted Zelaya

Honduran leader keeps military chief behind coup

Honduras apologizes after expelling Brazilian diplomat, fires head of immigration agency

Honduras apologizes after expelling Brazil consul

Honduras’ new government finds nation ‘bankrupt’ after diplomatic isolation over coup

Honduras’ new gov’t finds nation ‘bankrupt’

Former Honduran president flies into exile 7 months after coup, shouting ‘We’ll be back!’

Ex-Honduran leader leaves for exile, vows return

Honduran ex-President Zelaya leaves Brazilian Embassy, heads to exile 7 months after coup

Honduran ex-leader Zelaya leaves embassy for exile

Ousted Honduran leader ends struggle to return to power as new president takes office

New Honduran leader takes office, ending turmoil

El Salvador to re-establish relations with Honduras after new president’s inauguration

El Salvador to recognize Honduras’ new government

Ousted President Zelaya confirms he will leave Honduras for the Dominican Republic next week

Ousted pres Zelaya will leave Honduras next week

Ousted President Manuel Zelaya plans stay in Mexican capital, eventual return to Honduras

Zelaya plans Mexico stay, later return to Honduras

Honduras’ interim president to go home, leave cabinet in charge, 6 days before inauguration

Honduras interim leader leaves, cabinet in charge

DR president, Honduran president-elect reach deal on Zelaya’s safe passage to Carib nation

DR, Honduras president-elect reach deal on Zelaya

Interim president of Honduras rejects US request he give up office before new leader installed

Honduras leader rejects US request that he quit

Interim president of Honduras says he won’t leave early at US request

De facto president objects to US request he leave

US envoy back in Honduras making 4th try to held political divide set off by June coup

US diplomat back in Honduras seeking to heal rifts

Some 200 supporters gather to cheer Honduras’ ousted president and celebrate New Year’s Eve

200 gather to cheer Honduras’ ousted president

Gunmen attack TV journalist’s car in Honduras, missing her but killing pregnant daughter

Gunmen fire on Honduran journalist’s car, 1 killed

Gunmen kill gay rights activist who protested coup in Honduras

Rights activist who protested Honduras coup killed

Fidel Castro: Obama’s ‘friendly smile and African-American face’ hide US intentions in LatAm

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