Dutch court rejects exiled separatists’ demand to have Indonesian president arrested

Bid to have Indonesian president arrested fails

International Criminal Court to start prosecutions in Kenya’s postelection violence

Int’l court to launch cases in Kenya violence

Russia dismisses Georgian claims of ethnic cleansing, asks UN court to throw out case

U.S. President Barack Obama
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Dutch prosecution to AP: Yemenis being held in terror probe likely to be released

Dutch prosecutors say Yemenis likely to be freed

Anti-Islam lawmaker’s hopes of becoming a Dutch Cabinet minister evaporate

Anti-Islam lawmaker not part of Dutch government

International Criminal Court appeals judges say Congolese warlord must remain in custody

Int’l court says Congo warlord must stay in jail

Kosovo wins victory as UN court calls independence declaration legal, rejects Serbia’s claim

World court says Kosovo’s independence is legal

World court rejects Serbian claim, says Kosovo’s 2008 independence did not break int’l law

World court: Kosovo’s independence was legal

World court to issue nonbinding opinion on legality of Kosovo’s 2008 independence declaration

World court to rule on Kosovo independence

International Criminal Court orders Congolese war crimes suspect freed, prosecutors to appeal

Court orders Congolese war crimes suspect freed

International Criminal Court charges Sudan President Omar Al-Bashir with genocide in Darfur

Int’l Court charges Sudan president with genocide

International Court states to discuss how to prosecute illegal attacks by one state on another

Int’l Court nations to ponder crimes of aggression

International Criminal Court reports Sudan to Security Council for lack of cooperation

Intn’l court reports Sudan to UN

THE HAGUE, Netherlands — The International Criminal Court has reported Sudan to the U.N. Security Council for refusing to arrest a government minister and a militia leader suspected of war crimes in Darfur.

International Criminal Court reports Sudan to UN for failure to arrest war crimes suspects

Intn’l court reports Sudan to UN Security Council

Dutch Queen Beatrix unveils monument to spectators killed in last year’s national day attack

Dutch honor victims of would-be killer of queen

Prosecutor: Int’l Court should report Sudan to Security Council for refusal to arrest suspects

ICC Prosecutor condemns Sudan noncooperation

International Criminal Court to investigate Kenya’s postelection violence

Int’l court to probe Kenya’s election violence

US ex-general apologizes for saying gay Dutch soldiers partly to blame for Srebrenica massacre

US ex-general apologizes for Dutch gay comments

Dutch reject US ex-general’s claim that gay troops were partly to blame for Srebrenica fall

Barack Obama (Waxwork)

International Criminal Court rules insufficient evidence to try Darfur rebel for war crimes

International Court dismisses case of Darfur rebel

Dutch Supreme Court overturns acquittal of 7 men cleared on appeal of terror group membership

Dutch Supreme Court orders terror group retrial

Independent commission report finds Netherlands government ignored law in supporting Iraq war

Report: Dutch ignored law in supporting Iraq war

Inquiry team to present its final report into Dutch support for 2003 Iraq invasion

Team reports on Dutch support for Iraq attack

Dutch authorities seek to unravel mystery of young sailor’s Caribbean trip

Dutch police seek to explain young sailor’s trip

US, Russia face off at World Court over Kosovo’s declaration of independence

US, Russia face off at World Court over Kosovo

International Criminal Court refuses to release former Congo vice president Jean-Pierre Bemba

International court rules Bemba to stay in jail

Kosovo warns World Court that overturning its independence could trigger new Balkan conflict

Kosovo tells court its independence is permanent

Serbia says Kosovo independence illegal at opening of world court hearings

Serbia at hearing: Kosovo’s independence illegal

International court prosecutor applies to open probe into Kenya post-election violence

International court seeks to open Kenya probe

Investigator: Congo massacre witnesses are threatened, court not sure it can protect them

Report: Congo massacre witnesses were threatened

Yugoslav war crimes tribunal orders resumption of Serb nationalist Vojislav Seselj’s trial

Serb nationalist’s war crimes trial to resume

2 warlords plead not guilty in Congo village massacre in international court’s second trial

International Criminal Court opens second trial

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