All politics are local as Chicago mayor’s race casts shadow over governor, Senate races

Chicago mayor’s race casts shadow over state races

Mass. gubernatorial race turns into courtroom thriller amid charges of espionage, conspiracy

Mass. governor race turns into courtroom thriller

After summer of gloom, Democrats see glimmers of hope for Election Day

Democrats see glimmers of hope in election gloom

First lady to join Obama at Oct. 17 rally, fundraiser in Ohio for first joint campaign event

First lady to join Obama for Ohio appearances

Up close and personal, candidates hit each other hard in debates as campaigns race to climax

Insult time, face to face, in campaign’s debates

VP Biden attending fundraiser for Democrat Robin Carnahan in Missouri’s US Senate race

Biden raising money for Carnahan Senate bid in Mo.

Feds sue Guam, US territory’s election officials over next month’s general election

Feds sue Guam, US territory’s election officials

Nevada Supreme Court rules Senate candidate Ashjian’s name should stay on midterm ballot

Nev. Supreme Court: Ashjian’s name stays on ballot

Government employees punch in and out of taxpayer service in run-up to Election Day

Government employees punch in and out to politick

Close races, late tallies could prolong fight for control of Congress, keep key races in limbo

Fight for Congress could last past Election Day

4 candidates for Rhode Island governor to meet in 1st TV debate of general election

4 candidates for RI gov. to meet in 1st TV debate

Democrat Ellsworth resumes campaign ads in Ind. Senate race as poll shows him behind GOP Coats

Ellsworth resumes ads as poll shows him behind

Myanmar’s Suu Kyi fights for legal existence of her disbanded party

Myanmar’s Suu Kyi sues to keep her party intact

Skeletons, dirt, embarrassments _ political foes working overtime to surprise rivals

Skeletons, dirt _ it’s the election’s homestretch

Del. Senate nominee O’Donnell claimed in 2006 debate that China was planning to take over US

O’Donnell said China plotting to take over US

Democratic National Committee raises more than $16 million in September; top for 2010

DNC raises more than $16 million in September

A month to Election Day, Dems all but write off 3 Senate seats and at least 6 House races

Dems, GOP recalibrate strategy a month to election

Independent candidate Cahill continuing Mass. gubernatorial campaign after top staff defects

Mass. independent vows to stay in governor’s race

Mass. independent gubernatorial candidate loses running mate, who is endorsing GOP nominee

Mass. independent candidate loses running mate

Obama rallies youth vote that boosted his 2008 run with fiery speech at hip hop concert/rally

Obama charges up young voters at concert/rally

Hundreds of groups advocating job creation plan ‘One Nation’ march in Washington

Groups plan march for jobs, justice in DC

WASHINGTON — Groups pushing for progressive policies will gather in the nation’s capital this weekend for a march aimed at recapturing momentum for their agenda and mobilizing supporters before next month’s midterm elections.

And they’re out! Congress flees unfinished business, partisan sniping, for campaign trail

And they’re out! Congress flees DC to campaign

Poll finds Calif. gov’s race tied, US Senate race close, marijuana measure above 50 percent

Poll finds close races for Calif. gov, Senate

GOP write-in gives Mass. Democrat who lost Senate race surprise opponent for attorney general

GOP write-in creates surprise hurdle for Mass. AG

In heartland backyards, Obama takes voters’ questions, hits GOP, implores Dems to keep faith

In Obama’s backyard visits, GOP is the absent foe

In backyards and college quads, Obama rallies Democrats and warns that GOP would be worse

In backyards and on campus, Obama rallies Dems

McCain emphasizes border security, Glassman pushes comprehensive immigration overhaul

McCain emphasizes border security during debate

AP-GfK Poll: Both parties disliked, Democrats struggle to overcome election enthusiasm gap

AP-GfK Poll: GOP more fired up as elections near

Senate winners in Delaware, Illinois, West Virginia will take office 2 months early

3 new senators to take office 2 months early

Bayh says fellow Democrat Ellsworth is right person to replace him in US Senate from Indiana

Bayh: Ellsworth right choice for Ind. Senate seat

AP-GfK Poll: Few like Democrats, but as many or more don’t like Republicans, either

AP-GfK Poll: Dems disliked, but so is GOP

WASHINGTON — If anyone is scorned as much as Democrats these days, it’s Republicans — the party that may recapture the House and perhaps the Senate in November’s elections.

Poll: Boxer leading Fiorina in Calif. Senate race, including among likely independent voters

Poll: Boxer leading Fiorina in Calif. Senate race

Bill to require more disclosure in political ads again blocked by Senate Republicans

Senate GOP again blocks campaign finance bill

AP-GfK Poll: In latest bad news for Dems, independents as upset with politics as Republicans

AP-GfK Poll: Independents as upset as Republicans

California consumer group airs election ad in Times Square labeling tea party ‘insane’

Calif group airs anti-tea party ad in Times Square

The new tea party is still disjointed, but it has energy, money and detente with Republicans

New tea party: energy, money and detente with GOP

APNewsBreak: Coakley’s GOP rival for Mass. AG skirts finance law with write-in campaign

APNewsBreak: Mass. AG candidate skirts finance law

Tea party group collects $1 million, anonymous donor wants it spent on midterm elections

Tea party group announces $1 million donation

Richardson hopes Congress will make immigration a major issue in 2011

Border governors call for US immigration reform

Early bird gets the vote? In 33 states, politicians try to bank ballots ahead of Election Day

Early bird gets the vote? Pols hunt early ballots

Liberal ex-US Rep. Abercrombie to take on GOP Lt. Gov. Aiona in Hawaii gubernatorial race

Hawaii governor race to feature Abercrombie, Aiona

Obama tears into GOP adversaries, asks black lawmakers to rally voters for November election

Obama: Black lawmakers must rally voters back home

Democrats need turnout in November, but GOP has enthusiasm that Democrats lack

Turnout is key, but will Democrats return to polls

Democrats face big challenge in exciting supporters, turning out vote in crucial House races

With House at stake, turnout is key for Democrats

POLITICAL INSIDER: Polls shows Portman enjoying advantage over Fisher in OH Senate race

POLITICAL INSIDER: Portman leads Fisher in OH race

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