Rand Paul: Medicaid health coverage for the poor has turned into welfare, is rife with abuse

Rand Paul: Medicaid has turned into welfare

US Senate candidates Rand Paul, Jack Conway to face off in debate on Fox News in October

Paul, Conway agree to Fox News debate in October

Ky. Senate candidate Paul dons scrubs for 1st fall TV ad, bashes federal health care reforms

Paul’s first TV ad highlights work as physician

Group sinks $520,000 into TV ad attacking Ky. Dem Senate candidate for supporting ‘ObamaCare’

U.S. President Barack Obama
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Rand Paul’s stand against federal funding for drug enforcement could help Dem opponent in Ky.

Drug enforcement stand could cost Paul Ky. votes

Republican Rand Paul apologizes after saying he worried beer would be thrown at church picnic

Paul apologizes for disparaging church picnic

Ky. church: Sen. candidate Paul should retract remarks that beer would be thrown at its picnic

KY church angry at Sen. candidate’s picnic remarks

International Coal Group calls on mining companies to pool money to defeat Dems in Ky., W.Va.

Coal companies eye targeting congressional Dems

Ky. Senate candidate says Jeb Bush is tarnishing family legacy by appearing at Rand Paul event

Jeb Bush chided for attending Rand Paul event

Ky. GOP Senate candidate Rand Paul once opposed fence on U.S.-Mexico border, now OK with it

Ky. GOP Senate candidate now OK with border fence

Rand Paul’s contributions significantly down in 1st Internet fundraiser of general election

Rand Paul banks $172K in Web fundraising

FRANKFORT, Ky. — Rand Paul, a political outsider who largely financed his U.S. Senate primary race with Internet donations, has banked $172,000 in his first Web-based fundraiser of the general election season.

Republican Rand Paul attends gun show, courts Second Amendment advocates in Ky. Senate race

Paul reaches out to gun advocates in Senate race

Republican Rand Paul says his socially conserative views don’t mesh with Libertarian Party

Paul distances himself from Libertarian Party

Weeks after civil rights gaffe, Senate candidate Rand Paul breaks silence in radio interview

Rand Paul breaks silence with talk show interview

Ky. Senate candidate who became familiar face on national TV is limiting his media exposure

The White House
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Democratic candidate mum on inviting Obama to campaign in Kentucky’s US Senate race

The White House

GOP Senate nominee Rand Paul opposes US citzenship for children born to illegal immigrants

Paul opposes citizenship for babies of illegals

Ky.’s Rand Paul faces possible Senate challenge from Libertarians; shakes up campaign staff

Rand Paul faces possible challenge, staff shake-up

Republican Ky. Senate candidate Rand Paul taps former aide to his father as campaign manager

Rand Paul names father’s former aide as manager

APNewsBreak: Unhappy with Rand Paul, Libertarians consider running candidate in Ky. Sen. race

Libertarians may run Senate candidate in Ky.

Ky. governor criticizes Rand Paul’s comments regarding Civil Rights Act, ‘radical philosophy’

President Barack Obama

Ky. GOP leaders unify behind Paul while protesters decry his comments on civil rights

President Barack Obama

Ky. GOP leaders unify behind Paul while protesters decry his views on civil rights

Protesters decry Paul’s views on civil rights

Tea party favorite Rand Paul taking down attack ads in final days of Ky. Senate race

Sarah Palin

Tea party favorite Rand Paul taking down attack ads in final days of Ky. Senate campaign

Ky. Senate candidate pulling attack ads off TV

Run for the roses in Kentucky pits tea party-backed Paul against GOP establishment

US President Barack Obama
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Senators DeMint, McConnell at odds over who should be Republican US Senate nominee in Ky.

Sarah Palin
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Mitch McConnell endorses Ky. secretary of state in US Senate Republican primary race

McConnell endorses Grayson in US Senate primary

Dobson rescinds endorsement of Grayson, says he supports Paul in Ky. GOP Senate primary

Sarah Palin

Deal ends 2-state ‘rock war’ by returning old river boulder from Ohio to Ky. after long fight

‘Rock war’ ends as Ohio lets Ky. take river marker

Retiring Republican US Sen. Bunning endorses outsider Paul instead of GOP establishment choice

Sarah Palin

Famously cranky GOP Sen. Jim Bunning held up spending bill for days before finally relenting

Angry Ky. Sen. Bunning held up bill for days

Famously cranky GOP Sen. Jim Bunning plays hardball on Capitol Hill, holds up spending bill

Angry Ky. Sen. Jim Bunning holds up spending bill

Democrats kill legislation that would give Ky. voters a say on all gambling issues

Dems kill counter-gambling proposal in Ky. Senate

Legislation would allow horse tracks to install video slot machines in Kentucky

House speaker files bill to legalize slots in Ky.

Police: Hanged census worker told friend he planned to kill himself, make it look like murder

Police: Ky. census worker had told of suicide plan

Kentucky Senate passes measure to stop future lawmakers from enhancing retirement pensions

Ky. Senate OKs bill to stop pension enhancements

Kentucky House speaker not optimistic about chances of passing slots legislation this year

Gambling faces long odds in Kentucky Legislature

AG’s opinion: Regulatory changes needed to legalize Instant Racing in Kentucky

Ky. AG issues opinion on slot-like wagering

Rand Paul, son of former presidential candidate Ron Paul, makes Ky. Senate campaign official

Ron Paul son Rand makes Ky. Senate run official

Kentucky Power asks Public Service Commission for nearly 35 percent rate increase

Kentucky Power asks for nearly 35 pct rate hike

Kentucky Gov. Beshear to be new chairman of think tank Southern Growth Policies Board

Kentucky gov to head South Growth Policies Board

Police: Hanged Ky. census worker died at own hands, not killed by anti-government plotters

Authorities: Hanged Ky. census worker killed self

Ky. police: Census worker found hanging killed himself, staged death to look like homicide

Police: Ky. census worker killed himself

FRANKFORT, Ky. — A Kentucky census worker found naked, bound with duct tape and hanging from a tree with “fed” scrawled on his chest killed himself but staged his death to make it look like a homicide, authorities said Tuesday.

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