Southern Sudan could hold secession vote on its own if north doesn’t cooperate, officials warn

S.Sudan could snub north, hold own freedom vote

UN Security Council greeted by anti-American protesters in visit to Sudan

UN Sec. Council greeted by anti-US chants in Sudan

North Korea succession moves unlikely to herald shift in its combative approach to the world

NKorea unlikely to alter strategy toward world

International aid groups say new US strategy will better help poor people abroad

Aid groups cheer Obama development plan

UNITED NATIONS — International aid and advocacy groups are welcoming President Barack Obama’s new global development policy, saying they expect it will make U.S. foreign assistance more effective and better help those who really need it.

UN launches global campaign to save 16 million mothers and children over 5 years

UN promotes health campaign for women, children

Summit to spotlight how to achieve goals to help world’s poorest by 2015 target

Global spotlight on helping world’s poor

UNITED NATIONS — Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon opened a summit Monday with a plea to the assembled presidents, prime ministers and kings to use their power to meet U.N. goals to help the world’s poorest by 2015.

After 3 workers killed, aid group Oxfam suspends operations in northeastern Afghanistan

3 Oxfam workers killed in northeastern Afghanistan

Medical agency: Gunmen fire on plane with international aid workers landing in east Congo

Gunmen fire on plane carrying aid workers in Congo

Iraq acknowledges killer of British aid worker escaped from prison 11 months ago

Iraq acknowledges Briton’s killer escaped

BAGHDAD — Iraq’s deputy justice minister has acknowledged the convicted killer of British aid worker Margaret Hassan has escaped from prison.

Sudan confirms planned expulsion of international aid workers from Darfur for ‘violations’

Sudan to deport foreign aid workers

KHARTOUM, Sudan — Sudan’s government confirmed Wednesday it will expel a number of international aid workers from the restive western region of Darfur for unspecified “violations.”

UN: Aid groups denied access to Darfur camp after delivering fuel and medicine day earlier

Aid groups again denied access to Darfur camp

Body of aid worker slain in northern Afghanistan returns to Britain in private ceremony

UK: Body of slain aid worker returned to Britain

AP Exclusive: Sole survivor of Afghan medical team killings: Hitchhiker was among gunmen

AP Exclusive: Afghan attack survivor tells story

Christian charity: Non-local fighters, not thieves killed 10 aid workers in Afghanistan

Aid group: Fighters not thieves killed 10 workers

AP Exclusive: Gunshots, pleadings, death: Afghan survivor tells of aid workers’ last moments

AP Exclusive: Aid workers’ last moments

KABUL, Afghanistan — The first sign of danger was the crackle of gunfire over their heads. Ten gunmen, their faces covered, rushed toward terrified humanitarian workers and began shouting “Satellite! Satellite!” — a demand to surrender their phones.

Lebanon says US suspension of military aid weakens American-backed effort to strengthen army

Lebanon: US military aid halt is ‘unwarranted’

Lebanon says US cutoff of military aid is unwarranted and weakens effort to build up army

Lebanon says US military aid cutoff unwarranted

Thumbnail sketches of 10 slain in attack on medical mission in northern Afghanistan

Sketches of 10 people slain in Afghan aid attack

Charity: 6 Americans on medical team among 10 killed by militants in remote N Afghanistan

6 Americans on medical team killed in Afghanistan

USDA undersecretary says struggling nations need help developing means to feed themselves

US official: Poor nations must learn to grow food

House feels heat after Senate kills domestic add-ons, returns ‘take it or leave it’ war bill

House pressured to pass stripped-down war measure

Senate returns $60B war funding bill to House, rejecting teacher funds, college grant money


Senate passes $60B war funding bill, but rejects teacher monies, other House add-ons

Michelle Obama and President Barack Obama

60 nations to meet in Afghanistan to endorse plan for Afghans to assume security by 2014

US President Barack Obama
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At Kabul conference, Afghan government to ask donors to put money behind Afghan priorities

Afghan govt wants donors to support its priorities

Sudan expels 2 employees of the International Organization for Migration working in Darfur

Sudan expels 2 foreign aid workers in Darfur

Afghan government to ask donor nations to focus 80 percent of aid on its top priorities

Afghans want foreign aid spent on their priorities

Sri Lankan minister continues hunger strike over UN probe after world body closes office

Sri Lankan minister continues fast over UN probe

Ship loaded with 2,000 tons of aid for Gaza prepares to set sail from Greek port

Gaza aid ship prepares to set sail from Greece

UN chief shuts Sri Lanka office, recalls head coordinator after protests

UN chief shuts Sri Lanka office, recalls official

House panel denies aid to Afghanistan pending corruption probe

House panel denies aid to Afghanistan

WASHINGTON — A House foreign aid panel has voted to cut off almost $4 billion in aid to the government of Afghanistan pending an investigation into charges that Afghan officials are blocking corruption probes and huge amounts of foreign aid is being stolen.

Uzbeks complain of police harrassment, missing aid after returning home to Kyrgyzstan

Uzbeks plead for help after return to Kyrgyzstan

Kyrgyz Humanitarian crisis enters ‘most difficult phase’ as US and U.N officials visit

Kyrgyz humanitarian crisis enters new phase

Petraeus, choice to take over Afghanistan war, says US in it for long haul but has exit plan

President Barack Obama

Petraeus’ next mission: convincing Congress he can turn things around in Afghanistan war


Official: Turkey closes airspace to some military flights; commercial flights not affected

Turkey closes airspace to some Israeli flights

Report: Turkish PM says Turkey has closed its airspace to Israeli flights

Report: Turkish airspace closed to Israel

ANKARA, Turkey — Turkey has closed its airspace to Israeli military flights following a deadly raid on a Gaza-bound aid ship, the Turkish prime minister and officials said Monday.

UN peacekeepers in Darfur say gunmen abducted 2 foreign aid workers, one of them German

2 foreign aid workers abducted in Darfur

CAIRO — The joint U.N.-African Union peacekeeping mission in Darfur says gunmen have abducted two foreign nationals working for a German aid group in south Darfur.

Cambodia gets 257 military vehicles from key ally China after US cancels shipment

China gives 257 military trucks to Cambodia

Gates Foundation, USAID offer cash for companies that help Haitians bank with cell phones

Gates Foundation, USAID offer prizes to help Haiti

UN chief says international component in Israeli raid investigation is crucial

UN urges international component in raid probe

Israeli president visits SKorea amid concerns over possible diplomatic backlash

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