Obama reaffirms US support for Ecuador’s institutions, president in wake of police revolt

Obama reaffirms support to Ecuador’s president

Government extends state of siege after police revolt in Ecuador

Ecuadorean government extends state of emergency

Was Ecuador police revolt a coup attempt or a spontaneous uprising?

Ecuador revolt: Attempted coup or uprising?

Ecuador in state of seige after soldiers rescue president; Correa calls revolt coup attempt

Ecuador calm after revolt; Correa alleges coup

Ecuador in state of seige after soldiers rescue president; UNASUR and US support Correa

Ecuador in state of seige, region supports Correa

Ecuadorean soldiers rescue president after firefight with rebel cops at hospital

Ecuadorean troops rescue leader from rebel police

Ecuadorean soldiers rescue president after firefight with rebel cops outside hospital

Ecuador troops rescue president from rebel cops

Ecuador security minister says 1 dead, 6 injured in protests triggered by police strike

Ecuador minister: 1 dead, 6 hurt in cop protests

Police protesters throw Ecuador into chaos, seize airport, blocking roads

Protesting police throw Ecuador into chaos

Police, soldiers in Ecuador seize airport, block roads in protest of benefit cuts

Protesting police, soldiers seize Ecuador airport

Mortar-firing Colombian rebels kill 8 police in border town attack

Colombian rebels kill 8 police in mortar attack

Santos assumes Colombia’s presidency amid conciliation with Venezuela, Ecuador

Colombia’s new leader conciliatory with neighbors

Galapagos removed from list of sites that are endangered by environmental threats, tourism

Galapagos removed from UNESCO endangered list

NY appeals judges may limit filmmaker raw footage ruling in Chevron-Ecuador dispute

NY judges may limit filmmaker raw footage ruling

Ecuadorean President Correa offers to mediate guerrilla conflict in Colombia

Hillary  Clinton

Colombia president-elect gets congratulations from Venezuela, Ecuador, hinting at better ties

Correa warms to Colombia’s president-elect

Clinton: International community united over Iran sanctions, which face UN vote Wednesday

Clinton Iran sanctions will be toughest ever

Frontunner in Colombia’s presidential race hopes to fix ties with Venezuela, Ecuador

Colombia frontrunner seeks better ties with Chavez

Ex-defense minister dominates Colombia presidential vote, faces Green Party outsider in runoff

Conservative Uribe ally dominates Colombia vote

Ex-Uribe defense minister dominates Colombia vote; to face clean-government outsider in runoff

Uribe torchbearer dominates Colombia vote

BOGOTA, Colombia — A conservative former defense minister closely associated with Alvaro Uribe’s security gains easily defeated a maverick outsider in presidential elections on Sunday but fell short of the votes needed to avoid a runoff.

Chavez says Colombian presidential candidate would pose threat to Venezuela and its allies

Chavez says Colombian candidate would pose threat

Venezuela’s Chavez hosts Latin American allies for independence celebrations, summit

Chavez hosts Latin American allies for summit

Mayor of Ecuador’s biggest city leads protest march against leftist national government

Guayaquil march protests against Ecuador’s gov’t

Ecuador’s capital sets driving restrictions to keep 80,000 cars off road during rush hours

Ecuador to restrict number of cars in rush hour

Ecuador panel: US intel helped Colombia stage cross-border raid that killed FARC chief

Ecuador: US helped Colombia attack on FARC chief

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