Tijuana’s top cop launches an overhaul as local police take center stage in drug war

Tijuana becomes crucible for Mexican police reform

Mexican government: DNA tests confirm death of drug lord Arturo Beltran Leyva

DNA tests confirm death of Mexican drug lord

AP IMPACT: Tijuana’s top cop launches overhaul as local police take center stage in drug war

AP IMPACT: Tijuana’s drug war focuses on police

Feds: Arrests in Africa of 3 men show links between al-Qaida and drug traffickers

Feds: Arrests in Africa link al-Qaida and drugs

Feds: Arrests in Africa of 3 men show links between al-Qaida, drug traffickers

Feds: Arrests in Africa link al-Qaida, drugs

US charges 3 al-Qaida suspects with African drug smuggling into Europe

3 Al-Qaida suspects charged in African drug case

Mexican judge orders Latin Grammy winner held pending probe into alleged drug gang ties

Latin Grammy winner ordered jailed in drug probe

Drug kingpin’s death could spark more violence as Mexico ends drug war’s bloodiest year yet

Mexican kingpin’s death could spark more bloodshed

Mexico still holding Grammy winner on suspected drug gang links after raid on cartel party

Grammy winner detained on suspected cartel ties

Federal judge orders 3 to face charges in Wyoming bull rider death

3 to face charges in Wyoming bull rider death

US sends 5 helicopters to help Mexico combat drug cartels, part of $604 million aid package

President Barack Obama, daughter Sasha Obama and wife

Ohio Supreme Court says police must obtain warrant to search suspects’ cell phones

Ohio justices: Cell phone searches require warrant

Mexico officials say raid found Latin Grammy winner performing at drug cartel Christmas party

Mexico: Grammy winner sang at drug cartel’s party

Family disappointed after gun charge nets man who killed SC trick-or-treater 16-year sentence

Gun charge nets trick-or-treater killer 16 years

Authorities: Reggae star Buju Banton attempted to buy cocaine from undercover officer in Fla.

Authorities: Buju Banton negotiated cocaine deal

Supreme Court to decide whether minor drug crimes can lead to immigrants’ deportation

High court to rule on deportation issue

WASHINGTON — The Supreme Court has agreed to consider whether immigrants convicted of repeat, minor drug possession crimes should be subject to deportation.

Federal grand jury in Miss. to consider case against 2 men in alleged inmate release scam

2 men accused of conducting inmate release scam

US Marines grapple to bolster Afghan police force manned by illiterate farmers

President Barack Obama, daughter Sasha Obama and wife

College student gunned down in deadly Mexican border city; 7 bodies found along state highway

College student shot dead in Mexican border city

LA City Council postpones pot ordinance vote that could close hundreds of dispensaries

LA City Council delays marijuana ordinance vote

Los Angeles City Council prepares to vote on regulation of medical marijuana

Los Angeles council set to vote on pot ordinance

Los Angeles City Council could vote on medical marijuana ordinance Wednesday

LA council set to vote on pot ordinance

LOS ANGELES — The Los Angeles city council could vote on a much-anticipated medical marijuana ordinance Wednesday, ending a bottleneck that resulted in hundreds of pot dispensaries cropping up across the city.

Communist rebels pose growing threat in rural India, prompting planned government offensive

Communist rebels gain strength in rural India

Shootouts between troops, gunmen kills 13 in northern Mexico suburb

Shootouts in northern Mexico kill 13 after raid

NY lawyer sentenced to 14 years in prison for threatening witnesses in drug-smuggling case

NY attorney sentenced in drug-smuggling case

Mexican president: Cartels buy off officials before they’re even elected, with campaign cash

Mexico cartels buying officials with campaign cash

Prosecutor: Iran doctor who reported prison torture died from overdose of a drug in his salad

Iran whistleblower died from drug-laden salad

Protected witness in drug case shot to death in Mexico City, second such death in 2 weeks

Another protected witness dies in Mexico

MEXICO CITY — Gunmen burst in to a Starbucks coffee shop Tuesday and killed a former policeman who was a protected witness in a drug corruption case, the second death of a high-profile witness in Mexico in less than two weeks.

Italian police come down on major mafia clan, issuing 83 arrest warrants and seizing assets

Italian police say they broke up major mob clan

South Africa’s president announces policies to treat more patients living with HIV

South Africa’s leader announces new AIDS policies

South Africa’s Zuma praised for new approach on AIDS, gets $120 million from US

South Africa’s Zuma praised for new AIDS approach

After 20 years, drugs courts available to fraction of those in need

Drug courts successful for few who get in

WASHINGTON — In a five-year span, Candice Singer went from being a respected juvenile defense lawyer to a homeless meth addict who once broke into a house just to take a shower.

Text-a-Tip programs help police get info from anonymous tipsters in anti-snitching culture

Text-a-Tip programs allow tipsters to help police

Mexican president says gangs had been “taking over” country, cites uneven progress in drug war

Mexican president: gangs were ‘taking over’ Mexico

Dangerous Mexican border city to launch anonymous tip system for reporting crimes

Mexico border city eyes anonymous crime tip system

Mexican president says reducing poverty top priority for last 3 years in office

Mexican president says poverty now first priority

Atlanta cops, shaken residents try to trust again 3 years after botched raid kills 92-year-old

Atlanta cops, shaken community try to make amends

Colo. medical marijuana dispensaries will have to start paying sales tax following AG’s ruling

Colo. medical pot suppliers will have to pay taxes

For a third time, Afghanistan sets up anti-corruption squad; critics seek deeds not just words

Yet another anti-corruption unit for Afghanistan

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