Afghan president Karzai calls for quick release of detained journalists

Afghan president calls for release of journalists

Iran’s president says Israeli attack would mean its own destruction

Iran: Israeli attack would mean its own demise

UN urges Sudan to allow humanitarian aid into Darfur refugee camp

UN urges Sudan to allow aid to Darfur camp

Sudanese government denies aid agencies access to a Darfur camp after outbreak of violence

Sudan denies aid agencies access to Darfur camp

Powerful Darfur rebel group freezes peace talks, accusing government of new military offensive

Darfur rebels freeze peace talks with government

Qatari diplomat in plane scare to be recalled, leave the United States

Officials: Plane scare diplomat to be sent home

Sudan and Darfur rebel group sign truce to pave way for peace agreement

Sudan and Darfur rebel group sign cease-fire

Sudan frees 57 Darfur rebels, including 50 sentenced to death

Sudan releases 57 Darfur rebels

KHARTOUM, Sudan — Sudan released 57 Darfur rebels on Wednesday, including 50 who had been sentenced to death, under a new truce agreement between the government and the most country’s powerful rebel group.

Sudan signs ceasefire deal with rebel group

DOHA - Sudanese President Omar al-Bashir Tuesday night signed a ceasefire deal in Doha with a key rebel group, in what could be a key step toward ending the conflict in Sudan’s western Darfur region.

Sudan and Darfur’s most powerful rebel group sign truce to pave way for peace talks

Sudan and Darfur rebel group sign key truce

Main Darfur rebel group and Sudan sign truce to pave the way for peace talks

Darfur truce signed, paving way for peace talks

Truce between Sudan and Darfur rebels provides new chance for peace in the troubled region

Darfur truce could pave way for peace

CAIRO — A truce to be signed Tuesday by Sudan’s government and the most powerful rebel group in Darfur has raised hopes that seven years of devastating war will finally come to an end.

Darfur rebels say they will sign temporary cease-fire agreement with Sudanese government

Darfur rebels ready to sign truce deal with Sudan

Clinton says Iran’s Revolutionary Guard is effectively taking over as the main power in Tehran

Clinton says Iran becoming military dictatorship

Clinton ‘everyone is anticipating’ a breakthrough in stalled Israeli-Palestinian peace process

Clinton raises hope for Mideast peace breakthrough

Clinton in Middle East to discuss Iran nuclear threat with US allies

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