APNewsBreak: New Conn. Senate race ad accuses WWE of lobbying against state drug testing

APNewsBreak: Conn. Senate ad hits WWE on lobbying

Obama’s national security adviser resigning: Marine Gen. Jones leaves, aide Donilon takes over

National security shuffle: Jones out, Donilon in

Obama announces resignation of national security adviser James Jones; Donilon to replace him

Jones resigns as NSC chief, Donilon next director

AP sources: Jones stepping down as Obama’s national security adviser; Donilon to replace him

AP sources: National security adviser resigning

After summer of gloom, Democrats see glimmers of hope for Election Day

Democrats see glimmers of hope in election gloom

Vice President Biden praises Mo. Senate candidate Carnahan, helps raise $100K at fundraiser

Biden helps US Senate candidate raise $100K in Mo.

Biden says Republican gubernatorial candidate Walker skating by on GOP talking points

Biden: Walker skating by with GOP talking points

Specter to raise money for congressman who beat him in Pa.’s bitter Democratic Senate primary

Specter to raise cash for primary foe who beat him

POLITICAL INSIDER: Conservative family group goes after 5 Democrats in ads

POLITICAL INSIDER: Conservative group airs ads

Israeli prime minister sounding out Cabinet ministers on possibility of new settlement curbs

Israeli premier weighing new settlement curbs

Chicago black leaders see chance in wide-open mayor’s race to unify voters, leverage power

Black community looks for Chicago mayor candidate

You’re invited to these embassy soirees and concerts in the nation’s capital

DC offers embassy evenings of musical diplomacy

White House residence to tap sun for heating water and some electricity

Here comes the sun: White House to go solar

Obama’s ex-chief of staff Rahm Emanuel getting reacquainted with Chicago ahead of mayoral run

Emanuel to get reacquainted with Chicago

CHICAGO — Former White House chief of staff Rahm Emanuel began his campaign for mayor of Chicago in earnest on Monday, greeting commuters at a downtown elevated train station.

Former White House chief of staff Rahm Emanuel says he’s preparing to run for mayor of Chicago

Emanuel says he’s preparing run for Chicago mayor

Senior Palestinians close ranks behind Abbas: No peace talks without Israeli settlement freeze

Palestinians back Abbas on settlement slowdown

Syrian president says Mideast peace talks only aimed to boost Obama

Syrian leader: Mideast talks only to help Obama

Political dance in Chicago mayor’s race as Emanuel, others hold off on official announcements

Political dance continues in Chicago mayor’s race

Obama loses fiery staff leader Emanuel to Chicago mayor’s race, turns to trusted adviser Rouse

Rahm’s gone: New day, new tone for the White House

Obama praises Emanuel as he quits chief of staff’s job, making way for Pete Rouse as interim

Obama announces Emanuel’s exit as chief of staff

Obama to make it official, finally: Emanuel quitting chief of staff’s job, Rouse in as interim

White House chief of staff: Emanuel out, Rouse in

Pete Rouse, behind-the-scenes insider, to replace Emanuel as chief of staff

Rouse, insider’s insider, to replace Emanuel

AP Sources: Emanuel to resign as White House chief of staff Friday, to begin Chicago mayor bid

AP sources: Emanuel leaving White House on Friday

Pakistan blocks war supply route to Afghanistan after NATO allegedly kills 3 border guards

Pakistan cuts NATO supply line after border firing

Cleveland hospital says ex-President Jimmy Carter to spend 2nd night there for stomach ache

Jimmy Carter to spend 2nd night in Ohio hospital

Carter’s Washington book signings canceled as Ohio hospital doctors recommend more observation

Carter’s Washington book signing events canceled

Carter feeling normal; doctors recommend more observation after overnight in Ohio hospital

Carter remains in Ohio hospital for observation

Carter plans to resume book tour after upset stomach causes overnight stay at Ohio hospital

Carter rests at hospital, plans to resume tour

Stubborn renters, skeptical voters among hurdles facing Emanuel if he’s coming home to Chicago

Emanuel faces hurdles if coming home to Chicago

Jimmy Carter taken off flight with upset stomach, stays at Cleveland hospital overnight

Carter sickened on plane, rests at Ohio hospital

Jimmy Carter taken off Cleveland flight with upset stomach, staying in hospital overnight

Carter sickened on plane, resting at Ohio hospital

With GOP having energy on its side, Obama seeks to fire up Democrats with rallies, a scolding

Obama both rallies, scolds Dems in campaign trip

White House envoy launches last-ditch attempt to prevent collapse of Mideast peace talks

US in last-ditch attempt to save Mideast talks

In backyards and college quads, Obama rallies Democrats and warns that GOP would be worse

In backyards and on campus, Obama rallies Dems

Emanuel announcement on Chicago mayoral run expected as soon as Friday; no final decision yet

Emanuel decision near; likely to leave White House

Ford administration mulled a muscular response ‘violently’ to 1975 capture of US ship Mayaguez

In Mayaguez incident, US considered its prestige

Ford administration mulled responding ‘violently’ to capture of US ship Mayaguez in 1975

In 1975 incident, officials considered US prestige

In responding to Mayaguez seizure, US sought to protect prestige following Vietnam debacle

Response to ‘75 ship crisis focused on US prestige

Federal judge in Washington state orders lesbian flight nurse reinstated to Air Force

Judge orders lesbian reinstated to Air Force

Losses mounting, attendance low, Stan Kasten resigning as president of Washington Nationals

Nationals president Stan Kasten leaving club

Stop wasting time, Obama says at UN, the time is now to drive for Israeli-Palestinian peace

Obama challenges the world: Time for Mideast peace

Emanuel could find himself playing catch-up if waits too long to get into Chicago mayor’s race

Time crunch for Emanuel in Chicago mayor race

Obama, in UN address, challenges world to unite around Israeli-Palestinian peace

Obama presses Mideast peace in UN address

UNITED NATIONS — President Barack Obama is exhorting the world to unite around the Israeli-Palestinian peace process, challenging the United Nations to support an agreement that would create an independent Palestine and a secure Israel in a year’s time.

Woodward book unearths tensions over Obama’s war plan and fears public support will drain

Book unearths divisions over Obama war plan

Book depicts intense internal White House dissension, says aides doubt Obama’s Afghan strategy

Book says aides doubt Obama’s Afghan strategy

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