US appeals court reverses course, upholds Wash. ban on voting by prison inmates

9th Circuit upholds Wash. ban on voting by inmates

Americans tread water in gulf between rich, poor

Americans tread water in gulf between rich, poor

From midwives in flip-flops to motorcycle ambulances, saving pregnant mothers is global goal

Gains made, but many pregnant mothers still die

Number of Americans in poverty jumps to 43.6M; working-age poor at highest level since 1960s

Barack Obama

China’s once-a-decade census highlights growing rights awareness among ordinary citizens

China census highlights growing rights awareness

AP Enterprise: 3 states that offer licenses to illegal immigrants see surge in applications

AP Enterprise: More immigrants getting licenses

Government says 2010 census to cost $1.6B less than expected due to strong public response

High response saves 2010 census $1.6B in costs

Older Gazans recall jobs and friends in Israel while isolation radicalizes the youth

Older Gazans recall Israelis, youth sees only army

In Uzbekistan, haunting tales of mass sterilization drive to curb population growth

Uzbek women accuse state of mass sterilizations

China’s urban dwellers to surpass 700 million, exceeding rural population for first time

China’s urban dwellers to exceed rural population

Study finds nearly 1 in 5 US middle-aged women childless amid rising job opportunities

US childlessness is up, but racial gaps narrowing

Census estimates show Rust Belt, retirement areas had biggest population losses in 2009

Census: With jobs scarce, Rust Belt cities decline

Census estimates show Hispanic births, multiracial people adding to minority gains, diversity

Census: Multiracial US becoming even more diverse

Census workers help rescue SC man who had fallen in home, was stranded for nearly 24 hours

Census workers find SC man who had fallen in home

Groves names statistician to new post aimed at improving quality, reducing costs of Census

Groves names Mich. statistician to new census post

Who, THEM? What, NOW? Gores’ split after 40 years is actually not so uncommon, say experts

Even at 40 years like Gores, splits not so rare

Japan’s prime minister steps down over US base row, hoping to boost party ahead of elections

Yukio Hatoyama
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Japan finance minister says he will run for party leader to replace resigning prime minister


Japan scrambles for new leader after leader resigns over failed promises on American base move

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Census counts illegal immigrants in detention centers, may bring aid to towns, cities

Detained immigrants may help bring in census money

What is your caste? Potential census question exposes sensitive divide in Indian society

Census question over caste identity divides India

Census finds sharp rise in Gulf Coast population, but demographers predict it won’t last

Gulf Coast population surges, but will it last?

Growth of interracial marriage slows as more US Hispanics, Asians seek to pair with immigrants

President  Barack Obam

Age, gender among many considerations as Obama closes in on second nominee to Supreme Court

U.S. President Barack Obama

Audit questions whether 2010 census can stick to $15 billion budget given computer problems

Audit: Computer glitches to drive up census costs

Knock, knock, who’s there? Census workers get ready to start nationwide, door-to-door count

Census workers get ready for door-to-door count

GAO: Census computer system may have problems dealing with load

GAO: Census has computer problem

LOS ANGELES — The U.S. Government Accountability Office says a computer system needed to finish the 2010 census may not be up to the job.

Count GOP lawmaker as disgusted with his party’s use of ‘census’ in fundraising mail

GOP lawmaker disgusted with RNC ‘census’ mailings

US census mail results: Possible trouble for 5 states hoping to keep or pick up House seats

Census mail results could be trouble for 5 states

As rest of Japan shrinks, Tokyo population count tops 13 million for the first time

Tokyo population tops 13 million for first time

Census mail response hits 72 percent, but states in South and West lag in high-stakes count

Census returns hit 72 percent, match rate in 2000

Education gains help women avoid brunt of job losses in economic downturn _ at least for now

Census: Women equal to men in advanced degrees

I’m not biracial: Some African-Americans with white parent decline to check ‘white’ census box

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