Speak Singlish can? Cannot. Singapore fears local patois will crowd out proper English

Singapore prods locals to speak better English

Far from Mexican border, New Hampshire GOP Senate candidates debate Arizona immigration law

NH GOP Sen candidates debate AZ immigration law

Spain debates enshrining bullfighting by law as cultural heritage, prohibiting bullfight bans

Spain debates enshrining bullfighting as culture

Galapagos removed from list of sites that are endangered by environmental threats, tourism

Galapagos removed from UNESCO endangered list

Small Illinois township makes English official language in support of Arizona immigration law

Ill. township makes English its official language

Britain’s government decides that foreign spouses of citizens must have basic English

Britain’s new romance language is English

LONDON — Love may have its own language — but that’s not good enough for the British government.

Congress approves referendum giving Puerto Ricans a choice on their future

Congress approves referendum on Puerto Rico future

Ever so quietly, to avoid upsetting China, Obama welcomes and praises the Dalai Lama and Tibet

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