Leftist Colombian senator removed from office over allegations she collaborated with rebels

Colombian Sen. Cordoba kicked out of Congress

Chavez insists he won’t accept US ambassador nominee, condemns US criticism on drugs

US President Barack Obama welcomes Egyptian President Hosni Mubarak

Mortar-firing Colombian rebels kill 8 police in border town attack

Colombian rebels kill 8 police in mortar attack

Mortar-firing Colombian rebels kill 6 police in border town attack

Colombian rebels kill 6 police in mortar attack

Colombia’s constitutional court overturns pact giving US military access to more bases

Court rules against Colombia-US base accord

Colombia, Venezuela agree to restore ties ruptured in dispute over leftist rebels

Colombia, Venezuela restore diplomatic ties

Colombia, Venezuela presidents end meeting with agreement to restore diplomatic relations

Colombia, Venezuela to restore diplomatic ties

Colombia’s Santos, Venezuela’s Chavez seek to re-establish relations after dispute

Colombia, Venezuela leaders seek to repair ties

Venezuela’s Chavez to meet with Colombia’s new leader this week seeking to restore relations

Chavez to meet with Colombia’s new president

Foreign ministers of Venezuela, Colombia say their 2 presidents will meet Tuesday

Presidents of Venezuela, Colombia to meet Tuesday

Venezuela’s Chavez says guerrillas should extend olive branch to Colombia’s new leader

Chavez: Colombian rebels should release hostages

Santos assumes Colombia’s presidency amid conciliation with Venezuela, Ecuador

Colombia’s new leader conciliatory with neighbors

Santos assumes Colombia’s presidency; Venezuela’s foreign minister strikes conciliatory note

Santos becomes Colombia’s 59th president

BOGOTA, Colombia — Juan Manuel Santos was sworn in Saturday as the 59th president of Colombia, which despite major security gains remains the Western Hemisphere’s only nation beset by a politically based armed conflict.

Santos assumes Colombia’s presidency, Venezuela’s foreign minister in attendance

Santos sworn in as Colombia’s 59th president

Venezuela’s Chavez optimistic as foreign minister headed to Colombia, Silva seeks to mediate

Chavez: foreign minister headed to Colombia

Brazil’s Silva seeks to ease Venezuela-Colombia dispute, Chavez says he is optimistic

Chavez optimistic on Silva’s help in Colombia spat

Venezuela protests after US ambassador nominee raises concern about rebels, Chavez’s power

Barack Obama

Mercosur nations agree on new customs code that will reduce import-export fees and bureaucracy

Mercosur trade bloc agrees to reduce customs fees

Chavez says Venezuela has deployed troops, aircraft amid tensions with Colombia

Chavez: Venezuela has deployed troops amid spat

US gives visa to Colombian journalist previously turned away under Patriot Act

US reversal on visa denied to Colombian journalist

Venezuela says great probability of military aggression by Colombia, urges dialogue

Venezuela warns of aggression, seeks dialogue

Chavez threatens to suspend US oil sales if Venezuela attacked by Colombia

Chavez warns of US oil cutoff in Colombia dispute

Reverence for iconic hero going too far? Chavez’s obsession with Simon Bolivar runs deep

Simon Bolivar an obsession for Venezuela’s Chavez

Venezuela’s Chavez warns Colombia amid tensions, but border situation remains normal

Venezuela’s Chavez warns Colombia amid tensions

Venezuelan military warns Colombia amid latest tensions, but life along border remains normal

Venezuela warns Colombia amid latest tensions

Venezuela’s Hugo Chavez breaks ties with Colombia to dispute accusations he harbors guerrillas

Venezuela breaks ties with US-allied Colombia

Venezuela’s Hugo Chavez breaks ties with Colombia over claims he harbors guerrillas

Venezuela severs ties with Colombia

CARACAS, Venezuela — President Hugo Chavez severed Venezuela’s diplomatic relations with Colombia on Thursday over claims he harbors guerrillas, and he charged that his neighbor’s leader could attempt to provoke a war.

Venezuela’s Chavez warns Colombia he could cut ties, won’t attend inauguration

Chavez warns Colombia he could break off relations

Venezuela protests Colombia’s accusations that rebel leaders take refuge inside its borders

Venezuela denounces Colombia accusations on rebels

Colombia military: 13 soldiers killed in minefields in pursuit of rebels

13 soldiers killed in Colombian minefields

Ecuadorean President Correa offers to mediate guerrilla conflict in Colombia

Hillary  Clinton

Colombia president-elect gets congratulations from Venezuela, Ecuador, hinting at better ties

Correa warms to Colombia’s president-elect

Ex-defense minister wins Colombia presidential runoff in route over eccentric outsider

Ex-defense minister wins Colombia vote in a rout

Colombia army chief says $1.2 million reward being shared by informants in rescue of 4

Colombia general: $1.2 million paid for rescue tip

Colombia rescues 3 hostages held by rebels since 1998; fate of 4th freed hostage uncertain

Colombian soldiers free long-held rebel hostages

Often apart, Bill and Hillary Clinton catch up over dinner in Colombia

Hillary  Clinton

Clinton assures Colombia of US support despite tensions with Venezuela’s Chavez

Clinton courts Latin America leftists

BOGOTA, Colombia — U.S. Secretary of State Hillary Rodham Clinton is reassuring Colombia that the Obama administration will not reduce support for the country as it heads for a leadership change amid tensions with neighboring Venezuela.

Clinton says Iran sanctions vote a victory for US diplomacy

Michelle Obama and President Barack Obama

Immigration, security issues, Honduras coup are top topics for Clinton in Latin America

U.S. President Barack Obama

Frontunner in Colombia’s presidential race hopes to fix ties with Venezuela, Ecuador

Colombia frontrunner seeks better ties with Chavez

Ex-defense minister dominates Colombia presidential vote, faces Green Party outsider in runoff

Conservative Uribe ally dominates Colombia vote

Ex-Uribe defense minister dominates Colombia vote; to face clean-government outsider in runoff

Uribe torchbearer dominates Colombia vote

BOGOTA, Colombia — A conservative former defense minister closely associated with Alvaro Uribe’s security gains easily defeated a maverick outsider in presidential elections on Sunday but fell short of the votes needed to avoid a runoff.

Ex-Defense Minister Santos defeats maverick in Colombia vote; candidates to meet in runoff

Colombia vote: Uribe minister wins but runoff set

Former Uribe defense minister takes commanding lead in Colombia presidential vote

Uribe torchbearer leads Colombia vote

BOGOTA, Colombia — A former defense minister promising to build on President Alvaro Uribe’s security gains took a commanding lead Sunday in Colombia’s presidential elections.

Ex-defense minister takes commanding lead in Colombia vote, partial results show

Colombia vote: Ex-defense minister has strong lead

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