Japan says argument over maritime clash with China over; dispute over islands remains

Japan says maritime spat with China over

BRUSSELS — Japan declared an end Tuesday to a dispute with China over a high-seas collision last month and the two countries agreed to resume exchanges and projects that had been stopped because of the incident.

Chinese, Japanese hold highest-level meeting since dispute broke out over islands

Chinese, Japanese leaders meet in Europe amid spat

Euro ministers delay new debt rules discussion until next month

Euro ministers delay talks on new debt rules

Euro ministers discussing new ways to crack down on spendthrift governments

Euro ministers discussing new debt rules

BRUSSELS — The finance ministers of the 16 countries that use the euro gathered Thursday to debate new rules that would crack down on overspending governments — but disagreements over key elements meant quick consensus seemed unlikely.

Sarkozy vows to keep up dismantling illegal camps despite criticism of targeting Gypsies

France defies EU criticism on Gypsy expulsions

France fires back at EU criticism on its expulsions of Gypsies

France hits back at criticism on Gypsy roundups

Sarkozy’s office fires back at EU criticism on its treatment of Gypsies

Sarkozy’s office hits back at criticism on Gypsies

European Union body calls France’s Gypsy expulsions ‘a disgrace’ that may violate EU law

EU calls France’s Gypsy expulsions ‘a disgrace’

Iranian diplomat who defected in Belgium applies for political asylum in Norway

Iranian defector applies for asylum in Norway

Upset with Tehran’s crackdown, a 3rd Iranian diplomat defects in Europe, opposition group says

3rd Iranian diplomat defects in Europe, group says

Iranian diplomats at missions in Finland and Belgium defect

Iranian diplomats defect in Finland, Belgium

EU foreign ministers discuss relationship with candidate member and strategic partner Turkey

EU ministers discuss relationship with Turkey

Politician leading coalition talks in Belgium offers to resign, but king says keep trying

King orders coalition talks to continue in Belgium

Unconventional Belgian rifle becomes favorite of US special operations in Afghanistan

US special ops use new Belgian rifle in Afghan war

Language ban at soccer club goes to heart of why Belgium is rethinking itself

Soccer club language ban symbol of Belgian divide

Obama, EU leaders to meet Nov. 20 in Lisbon

President Barack Obama

EU license plates make inroads on European roadways but is no success story of EU branding

After 12 years, EU license plate gets traction

Spain debates plan to ban Islamic veils in public spaces, but ruling party opposes

Spain debates plan to ban burqas in public spaces

Congo, brutalized under Belgian colonizer, still suffering 50 years after independence

50 years on, Congo still battered by violence

European Court rules gay marriage not universal human right, says countries can make own rules

Court: same-sex marriage is not universal right

America’s allies hope for continuity in Afghanistan following McChrystal’s departure

Michelle Obama and President Barack Obama
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Belgians vote on future of their linguistically divided country, union is in doubt

Belgians vote on future, united country in doubt

EU-US agreement on privacy protection conditions may take up to 2 years, official says

EU-US talks on privacy may take up to 2 years

Demands that UN peacekeepers leave Congo draw protest even from fierce critics of the UN

Biggest peacekeeping force at crossroads in Congo

At UN treaty session, Germany, others target US ‘leftover’ nukes in Europe for elimination

President Barack Obama speaks briefly on Afghanistan

Biden, NATO chief discuss Afghanistan, missile defense during 2-day visit

Biden: US committed to missile defense in Europe

Belgium’s lower house of parliament supports burqa ban; question arises in Senate

Lower house OK’s Belgium burqa ban; hurdle remains

Belgian leader steps aside, paving the way for early elections and possibly 1st female leader

Belgian leader steps aside, early election ahead

King Albert II has accepted the resignation of the Belgian government

King accept resignation of government

BRUSSELS — Belgium King Albert II accepted the government’s resignation Monday after negotiations failed to resolve a long-simmering dispute between Dutch- and French-speaking politicians over a bilingual voting district in and around Brussels, the country’s capital.

Belgian King Albert II has accepted government’s resignation after coalition breaks down

Belgium’s king accept government’s resignation

Language spat splits Belgian government, Belgian king considers its resignation

Language spat splits Belgian government

BRUSSELS — Belgian Premier Yves Leterme’s government collapsed Thursday after negotiations broke down to resolve a long-simmering dispute between Dutch- and French-speaking politicians over a bilingual voting district.

Parliamentary committee in Belgium recommends banning face-covering veils

Parliament panel in Belgium approves banning burqa

NATO chief says Dutch Afghan withdrawal will not set off stampede to the exits

NATO: Dutch Afghan pullout won’t spark big pullout

2 European nations accept Guantanamo detainees as part of US plan to one day close the prison

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