BEIJING - Police detained at least three people at the site of a "jasmine" protest in Shanghai, China Sunday as hundreds of people refused orders to leave the area, sources said.

BEIJING - The correspondents and camera teams of Germany's two public broadcasting networks were detained by Chinese police Sunday, with one of the teams released several hours later.

BEIJING - China's first small "jasmine" gatherings could escalate into widespread democracy protests that the ruling Communist Party would be unlikely to crush with military force, said an exiled former student leader of China's 1989 democracy movement.

BEIJING - Chinese Railway Minister Liu Zhijun was Friday sacked from his post for "severe violation of discipline", Xinhua news agency reported.

BEIJING - China has ramped up its online censorship efforts, with LinkedIn, a social networking site for professionals, the latest site to be blocked as authorities apparently move to snuff out efforts to organise anti-government protests.
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