Campaign trail in Vt. is fraught with traffic stops and accidents for candidates

Navigating the campaign trail proves tricky in Vt.

Japan PM concerned over China’s widening maritime activity as 3 Japanese freed return

Japan PM concerned over China’s maritime expansion

Blizzard-like storm cripples travel, shopping from Mid-Atlantic to Northeast

The White House
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Cargo ship carrying dozens of crew members sinks off Lebanese coast in stormy weather

Cargo ship carrying dozens sinks off Lebanon

Relatives of missing Dominican workers demand government solve mystery of vanished plane

Dominicans demand government solve plane mystery

Coast Guard crash report says slack cable triggered events leading to mishap

Coast Guard: Slack cable caused chopper crash

Iran claims new UN nuclear observatory near its border is spying post for world powers

Iran says UN observatory near border is for spying

Antarctic nations considering new controls on ships amid tourism explosion

Antarctic nations consider new controls on ships

Fla. sheriff’s office: 911 call came from Tiger Woods’ house; adult was taken to the hospital

Sheriff’s office: 911 call came from Woods’ house

Fierce snowstorm hits West; Midwest braces for blizzard conditions

Fierce snowstorm knocks out power in West

FLAGSTAFF, Ariz. — A howling winter storm barreled through the West, hitting the mountain states with snow and fierce winds as it headed toward the country’s midsection on Tuesday.

Heavy snow, high winds hit the West, causing road and school closures

Powerful snowstorm moves through the West

FLAGSTAFF, Ariz. — Stormy winter weather blamed for road closures and dozens of auto accidents is barreling through the West and stretching farther east, with parts of Iowa and Minnesota bracing for the prospect of high winds and blizzard conditions.

Winter storm sweeps across West with heavy snow, strong winds creating havoc on roads

Powerful snowstorm sweeps across West

FLAGSTAFF, Ariz. — A large and powerful storm howled across the West with snow and strong winds Monday, snarling traffic, closing schools and threatening to spawn mudslides in wildfire-devastated Southern California.

US troops who have died while serving in Iraq and Kuwait

US troops killed in Iraq and Kuwait

Army Spc. Tony Carrasco Jr.

Timeline of public access to the White House and its security

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