More candidates declare for presidential election in oil-rich Nigeria as poll confusion looms

Nigeria: More candidates declare for presidency

Nigeria election commission asks for more time to prepare for presidential election

Nigeria commission asks for more time before poll

Nigeria: Powerful adviser to President Goodluck Jonathan resigns, plans own election bid

Nigeria: Powerful adviser to president resigns

Nigeria’s President Goodluck Jonathan kicks off campaign with pledges to oil-rich nation

Nigeria’s president kicks off election campaign

Aide: Nigerian president Goodluck Jonathan to run for office in January election

Aide: Nigerian president to run in Jan. election

Nigeria mogul backing fmr dictator’s election bid claims kidnap threat from president’s group

Nigerian media mogul reports election threat

Nigeria’s president appoints new military leaders ahead of 2011 elections, cementing his power

Nigeria’s president announces new security leaders

Nigeria to hold Jan. 22 presidential election despite ongoing concerns over vote-rigging

Nigeria to hold presidential election on Jan. 22

Nigeria: Former VP, tied to disgraced ex-US congressman, announces presidential bid

Nigeria: Former VP announces presidential bid

Nigeria’s head party says President Jonathan can run in next year’s election, despite religion

Nigeria’s head party OKs incumbent’s election run

Nigerian elections chief says presidential poll tentatively to be held in January

Nigeria presidential poll likely held in January

Iran will not give up nuclear programme: Ahmadinejad

ABUJA - Iran will, under no circumstances, stop its peaceful nuclear activities, President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad has said.

Iranian president calls US a global ‘dictatorship’ while visiting Nigeria

Iran’s president: US a global ‘dictatorship’

Nigeria: Anti-human trafficking agency says it lacks evidence against senator with child bride

Nigeria: No case against senator with child bride

Nigeria: New independent election chief confirmed by lawmakers as 2011 presidential race looms

Nigeria: New election head confirmed by Senate

Nigeria: Ex-southern governor named as head of ruling party ahead of presidential election

Nigeria: Ex-governor named as head of ruling party

Nigeria: National Assembly descends into screaming chaos over vice presidential pick

Nigeria: National Assembly screams over VP pick

Nigeria: National Assembly descends into screaming, though lawmakers OK vice presidential pick

Nigeria: Screaming lawmakers approve VP pick

Nigeria: Lawmaker names oil-rich nation’s vice presidential pick; hearings set for Tuesday

Nigeria: Lawmaker names vice presidential hopeful

Nigeria: Ruling party chairman, who had said new president couldn’t run for office, resigns

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Ex-governor of Nigeria’s oil-rich Delta state freed on bail in Dubai after corruption arrest

Nigeria’s oil region ex-governor freed on bail

Governor of north Nigerian state outlaws the Islamist sect blamed for violence last year

North Nigeria state outlaws Islamist sect

ABUJA, Nigeria — A Nigerian government spokesman says the radical Islamist sect whose violent attacks led to fighting that killed 700 people in northern Nigeria last year has been outlawed in the state where the group is based.

Nigerian President Yar’Adua dead

ABUJA - Nigerian President Umaru Yar’Adua, who was undergoing treatment for a heart ailment, is dead, media reports have said.

Nigeria: Judge throws out injunction stopping ruling party from holding meeting

Nigeria: Court removes injunction for ruling party

Spokesman: Former Nigerian military leader Babangida wants to run for president next year

Ex-Nigerian military leader to seek presidency

Nigeria: New Cabinet sworn in; former Shell worker takes oil-rich nation’s petrol ministry

Nigeria: Acting president’s new Cabinet sworn in

Nigeria: Senate approves majority of new Cabinet offered by Acting President Goodluck Jonathan

Nigerian Senate approves majority of new Cabinet

Thousands fill streets in Nigeria’s capital to demand electoral reform before 2011 election

Nigeria: Thousands protest for election reform

Senator: Nigeria’s acting president has submitted 33 Cabinet nominees for vetting

Nigeria’s acting leader presents Cabinet nominees

Nigeria’s acting president dissolves Cabinet more than 1 month after taking office

Nigeria’s acting president dissolves Cabinet

Nigeria: Officials say presidential election will be held in 2001, either January or April

Nigeria: Election slated for January or April 2011

US urges Nigeria to prosecute those responsible after 200 slaughtered in religious violence

Nigeria urged to investigate religious violence

After return of ill president, Nigeria’s vice president to remain acting leader of nation

Nigerian Vice president to remain acting leader

Ambassador: Ill Nigerian president has returned home from Saudi Arabia after 3 months

Official: Ill Nigerian president has returned home

Former heads of state Bush and Blair attend lavish award ceremony for former Nigeria leaders

Bush, Blair attend Nigeria ceremony

ABUJA, Nigeria — Former world leaders George W. Bush and Tony Blair joined Nigeria’s elite at a ceremony honoring the political and business establishment Sunday, but one honoree’s absence highlighted the endemic corruption and other problems plaguing the oil-rich nation.

Blair: Peace talks between Israel, Palestinians to resume in coming weeks

U.S. President Barack Obama

Nigerian Vice President Goodluck Jonathan says he has assumed power as acting president

Nigeria: Vice president now acting president

Lawmakers go beyond constitution to empower Nigerian vice president to serve as president

Nigeria: Vice president empowered by lawmakers

Nigeria’s National Assembly empowers vice president to stand in for absent, ill president

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Nigerian Senate passes motion to empower vice president to take over for ill president

Nigerian Senate votes to empower vice president

Nigeria’s cabinet decrees president’s 2-month absence does not warrant his removal

Nigeria cabinet: Absent leader capable of ruling

Nigerian court asks cabinet to decide ill president’s future

NAIROBI/ABUJA - Nigeria’s Federal High Court Friday gave a two-week deadline to the West African nation’s cabinet to decide whether President Umaru Yar’Adua is fit to continue as leader.

Nigeria court gives Cabinet 14 days to determine if the sick president remains in office

Nigeria court gives sick president a deadline

Nigerians protest ill president’s absence despite hearing his voice for first time in weeks

Nigerians protest ill president’s long absence

Nigerian House plans to send delegation of lawmakers to see ill president in Saudi Arabia

Group of Nigerian lawmakers to see ill president

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