LA pushes for repayment for $3M Jackson memorial despite no law forcing Staples Center to pay

LA pushes to get repaid for $3M Jackson memorial

Report: No ordinance existed to force AEG to reimburse LA for $3M Michael Jackson memorial

Report: LA spent $3.2 million on Jackson memorial

Trial in Texas delayed for former Air Force nurse accused of killing 3 terminally ill patients

Trial delayed for former nurse charged in killings

Canada Supreme Court hears appeal of news blackout in terror case

Canada Supreme Court hears media appeal

OTTAWA — News blackouts unjustifiably prevented the public from learning why charges were dropped or suspended for some terror suspects, media lawyers told Canada’s Supreme Court on Monday.

EU officials question Afghan government’s ability to face up to country’s challenges

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Official says US to attend annual war crimes court meeting as observer for first time

Envoy says US to attend war crimes court meeting

13 Iraqis gunned down in Sunni village west of Baghdad in possible revenge killing

13 bullet-riddled bodies found west of Baghdad

Saudi Arabia’s most senior cleric accuses Iran of ties with Shiite rebels in Yemen

Saudi cleric accuses Iran of ties to Yemeni rebels

UN food summit fails to pledge specific money to fight hunger; Pope expresses concern

Food summit turns down UN funding appeal

ROME — Pope Benedict XVI decried the steadily worsening tragedy of world hunger on Monday after a global summit rebuffed a U.N. call to commit billions of dollars a year for a new strategy to help poor countries feed themselves.

New Greenpeace chief brings experience fighting poverty, racism to environmental campaign

New Greenpeace chief has fought apartheid, poverty

Nonprofit report: Pro-Cuba embargo money on the rise to congressional campaigns

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Dobbs says his departure from CNN was ‘amicable,’ expresses interest in running for office

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Myanmar opposition leader Suu Kyi seeks meeting with junta chief to discuss cooperation

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Jellyfish spread in world’s oceans, devastating fisheries, stinging millions; warming blamed

Jellyfish swarm northward in warming world

Calif. lawyers reap financial benefits from voting rights law they wrote

Jackpot: Lawyers earn fees from law they wrote

Advocates, lawmakers to push for Mass. immigrant tuition bill nearly 3 years after it failed

Mass. immigrant tuition bill to get new push

Berlusconi’s tax fraud trial resumes in Italy, premier not attending

Berlusconi’s trial resumes in Italy

MILAN — The trial of Italian Premier Silvio Berlusconi on a tax fraud charge reopened Monday after a year, but was immediately adjourned until January to allow the premier to attend.

EU defense and foreign ministers to discuss Afghan war effort, meet NATO chief

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