Tonight, it is ending, says Egyptian army chief

Thursday, February 10, 2011

CAIRO - A thunderous roar went up across downtown Cairo’s Tahrir square as the Egyptian army chief Thursday announced: “Tonight, it is ending”.

Chief of Staff of the army of Egypt, General Sami Eman, waded through the sea of protesters in the public square, caught hold of the microphone, and said: “All your demands will be met tonight. Allahu Akhbar!”.

ABC News reported that the general told the excited crowd “tonight all your demands will be met”, while referring to the turmoil in the country over the protesters’ demand for the ouster of President Hosni Mubarak.

Egypt has witnessed massive protests since Jan 25 by protesters who are demanding that Mubarak quit immediately. Mubarak had earlier said that he would be ready to leave after his term ends in September, but not now. He even warned of chaos if he left now.

As soon as the army chief made the announcement, the crowd broke into an applause and then began singing the national anthem.

They chanted: “Allahu Akhbar, God is the greatest.”

The general then left the stage and he was immediately surrounded by demonstrators who were delighted on hearing the news.

When the ABC correspondent asked General Eman whether this means it’s over, he emphatically replied: “Tonight, it is ending.”

On being asked whether Mubarak will leave Egypt, he said: “I can’t say, but I can say this is over.”

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