Fisherman’s death: India asks Sri Lanka to avoid force

Thursday, January 13, 2011

NEW DELHI - India Thursday protested the death of an Indian fisherman in firing by Sri Lankan Navy personnel and urged Colombo to avoid the use of force.

“We have received reports of the death of an Indian fisherman due to firing by Sri Lankan Navy personnel, external affairs ministry spokesperson Vishnu Prakash said.

“India’s High Commissioner in Colombo has immediately taken up the matter with the Sri Lankan government and expressed our deep concern and regret at this incident,” Prakash added.

The Sri Lankan Navy reportedly opened fire on three Indian fishermen at sea near the Tamil Nadu coast, leading to the death of one Wednesday evening.

New Delhi has conveyed to Colombo that resorting “to firing in these situations has no justification and called on the Sri Lankan authorities to desist from use of force.

“The welfare and safety of our fishermen in the waters between India and Sri Lanka have received very high priority by the government, said the spokesperson.

“We call on the Sri Lankan Navy to exercise maximum restraint and avoid use of force in such situations, the spokesperson said while stressing that the Sri Lankan government should refrain from firing on Indian fishermen and scrupulously adhere to the October 2008 understanding reached between the two governments.

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