Nazi praise sparks Swiss rethink of legendary architect Le Corbusier, UBS drops ad drive

Nazi praise sparks Swiss rethink of Le Corbusier

Israeli museum gives Swiss artist’s drawing seized by Nazis to Jewish charity in Britain

Israel passes Nazi-seized drawing to owner’s heir

In Philadelphia exhibit, 100 years of warfare through the eyes of US soldiers who were there

Pa. art exhibit shows war through soldiers’ eyes

ArtPrize show and contest back in Grand Rapids Sept. 22-Oct. 10 after crowded ‘09 debut

Grand Rapids, Mich., awaits ArtPrize crowds

Schiele painting stolen by Nazis from Jewish Austrian is returned to Vienna

Schiele art back in Austria after ownership feud

Schiele painting stolen by Nazis returned to Austrian museum after 12-year possession struggle

Painting stolen by Nazis back in Austrian museum

NYC aims to reclaim drawings by architect who helped craft noted Central Park features

NYC seeks to reclaim notable Central Park drawings

AP Interview: Ginsburg says she plans to remain a justice as 1 of an unprecedented 3 women

President Barack Obama

AP Interview: Ginsburg says she’s looking forward to being 1 of 3 women on Supreme Court

President Barack Obama

Hungarian art restitution case puts focus on disputed policies across former Soviet bloc

Eastern Europe under spotlight on art restitution

12-year dispute over ‘Portrait of Wally’ ends with acknowledgement it was stolen by Nazi agent

NY stolen art fight ends in $19 million settlement

Survivor’s dance raises a question: Can the Holocaust be approached in a spirit of fun?

Dancing, laughing at Auschwitz: who has the right?

Iraq’s artists look back at nation’s war to reflect its pain and trauma

Iraq’s artists reflect pain, trauma of the war

Demonstrators pour molasses ’slick’ around British Museum statue to protest BP sponsorship

Anti-BP group has sticky protest at British Museum

Commission recommends return of 4 paintings owned by Austrian foundation

Austrian panel recommends return of 4 works

Commission recommends restitution of 4 paintings owned by Austrian foundation

Austrian panel recommends restitution of 4 works

Imagine Peace: Thai artists inspired by political turmoil call for peace in new exhibit

Imagine Peace: Thai exhibit on political crisis

Collector Charles Saatchi to donate 200 artworks and his modern art gallery to Britain

Saatchi donates 200 artworks, gallery to UK

Collector Charles Saatchi to donate 200 artworks to British nation for new modern art gallery

Saatchi’s gift to UK: 200 artworks and a gallery

Renowned Austrian museum director and art collector, Rudolf Leopold, dead at 85

Rudolf Leopold, Austrian art collector, dies at 85

Russian gay rights activists detained at St. Petersburg museum after unannounced rally

Gay rights activists detained in St. Petersburg

Malaysia bans political cartoons critical of government; artist vows to keep drawing

Malaysia bans political cartoons critical of gov’t

Korn urges musical artists to boycott BP, refuse their oil on tour buses for 2010

Korn urges artists to boycott BP with tour buses

Library of Congress pokes fun at politics with Bob Hope’s extensive joke files, recordings

US President Barack Obama

Tate’s ‘Rude Britannia’ exhibition revels in 300 years of saucy, satirical British art

‘Rude Britannia’ looks at 300 years of comic art

Public art project unlocks secret doors at famous and not-so-famous sites around New York City

Public art project unlocks secret doors in NYC

Arts endowment program allows military families to tour 600 US museums for free this summer

600 museums offer military families free admission

Calif. AG files brief supporting woman’s claim for museum paintings seized by Nazis

Calif. AG supports claim for art seized in WWII

Gazan says Hamas police beat him over allegations he had sex with women who are not his wife

Gazan man says Hamas beat him for alleged affairs

Florida GOP sells Crist oil painting to anonymous buyer for $7,700; calls his legacy ’sordid’

Republican Party sells Crist portrait for $7,700

Republican Party of Florida plans to get rid of portrait of Crist by auctioning it on eBay

Fla. GOP plans to auction oil painting of Crist

Cuban writer Carlos Franqui, former rebel turned critic, dies at 89

Cuban writer, activist Carlos Franqui dies at 89

NYC seeks to curb art vendors selling NYC paintings, photos in Manhattan’s most popular parks

NYC seeks limits on art vendors in popular parks

Ancient tradition, new country: Artist struggles to revive Vietnamese opera in Little Saigon

Vietnamese artist breathes life into a dying song

Wax models of Oval Office, Obama unveiled in Las Vegas on Presidents Day

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