UK court blocks attempt to extradite ex-Bosnian vice president for war crimes

UK court blocks extradition of ex-Bosnian leader

Bosnia buries 775 Srebrenica massacre victims on the 15th anniversary of the killings

President Barack Obama speaks briefly on Afghanistan

Pillar of Shame: Memorial of 16,000 shoes blames U.N for not preventing Srebrenica massacre

Srebrenica massacre memorial to point finger at UN

Pillar of Shame: Memorial of 16,000 worn shoes blames U.N for Srebrenica failures

Srebrenica memorial to point finger at UN

SARAJEVO, Bosnia-Herzegovina — Phillip Ruch’s monument to Srebrenica is a huge jumble of worn shoes, more than 16,000 of them, each pair representing a victim of Europe’s worst massacre since World War II.

Turkey withdraws ambassador as deadly Israeli raid on Gaza boats sparks protests, condemnation

Israel faces condemnation, protests after raid

Under sanctions threat, Iran’s president says UN Security Council veto power is ’satanic tool’

Ahmadinejad calls UN veto power ’satanic tool’

Iranian foreign minister visits Security Council member Bosnia as US pushes for sanctions

Iranian foreign minister visits Bosnia

SARAJEVO, Bosnia-Herzegovina — Iran’s foreign minister held talks with Bosnian leaders Monday as part of a campaign to avert another round of U.N. sanctions.

Bosnian war veterans clash with police, set government building ablaze

Bosnian war veterans clash with police

SARAJEVO, Bosnia-Herzegovina — War veterans protesting proposed cuts in state benefits set fire to a regional government building in Bosnia on Wednesday and drove back riot police who tried to disperse them.

Ex-commander of Bosnian Army dies while appealing prison sentence for cruelty

Bosnian Army’s ex-head, convicted of cruelty, dies

Croatian President apologizes for his country’s policy toward Bosnia in the 1990s

Croatian President apologizes to Bosnia

SARAJEVO, Bosnia-Herzegovina — Croatia’s president apologized Wednesday for his country’s role in the Bosnian war, the clearest message of reconciliation to date from any leader of the three nationalities involved in Europe’s bloodiest conflict since World War II.

Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt visit Bosnia’s internally displaced people

Jolie, Pitt visit people displaced by Bosnian war

Serbia lawmakers pass declaration condemning 1995 Srebrenica massacre

Serbia offers apology for Srebrenica massacre

Retired general says gays made Dutch army weak, partly to blame for 1995 genocide in Bosnia

Retired general: Gays made Dutch weak in Bosnia

European Human Rights Court says Bosnia’s constitution discriminates against Jews and Roma

Court: Bosnia discriminates against Jews and Roma

Top UN official in Afghanistan wants to leave when 2-year contract expires in March

Top UN official in Afghanistan to leave in March

Federal court blocks extradition of former UN ambassador for Bosnia, accused of theft

Court: Ex-UN ambassador for Bosnia can stay in US

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